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Discover why Dagsmejan sleepwear is the best gift choice for those who love travelling, according to Travel Awaits. Read the full article here.

"Can you say cozy? Made with NATTWELL™ fabric, this pajama set is twice as soft as cotton. MicroModal lightweight fabric is also six times as breathable as cotton. Pajamas are always a hit, but temperature-regulating pajamas that are scientifically proven to help you sleep better by staying in the ideal climatic comfort zone are a whole other story. Plus, they don't have any tags! Available in six colors, this thermo-regulated sleep set includes a long sleeve shirt, sleep pants, and a silk sleep mask."

Woman Wearing blue BALANCE PJs on bed

Never too hot, never too cold - get the best temperature for sleep

Keep your best temperature during sleep and don't worry about getting too warm or too cold at night. 6x more breathable and 2x softer than cotton. Our temperature regulating pajamas will keep you in the ideal climatic zone for sleep.

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