Menopause and sleep — advice from Dr Rebecca Robbins

Hot flashes at night can make sleeping well difficult during the menopausal years. Dr. Rebecca Robbins ( sleep researcher, co-author of Sleep for Success!, and member of the Dagsmejan Scientific Advisory Board) answers some common questions on menopause and sleep.

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Menopause sleep problems

3 in 4 women sleep worse during the menopause year and the total sleep time is reduced with up to 40 minutes. The most common menopause sleep problems are hot flashes at night, breathing problems like sleep apnea and menopause insomnia. As Dr Robbins explains:

 ”Hot flashes are common during menopause, a life stage that unfortunately carries with it significant sleep difficulties for women.  Those experiencing menopause commonly report hot flashes, which disrupt sleep, but also more insomnia than other life stages. Specifically, research shows that 61% report insomnia symptoms.”  

Hot flashes at night

So why do we often experience hot flashes and night sweats? Dr Robbins explains:

”Hot flashes, or unexpected feelings of heat all over the body accompanied by sweating, are caused by changing and decreasing levels of estrogen. They begin around the face and spread to the chest, affected approximately 75% of women around menopause years. Prior to a hot flash, body temperature rises, accompanied by an awakening which disrupts sleep, reduces sleep quality, and can result in next day sleepiness.” 

Becoming too hot during the night can impact our sleep negatively, dr Robbins explains why and what you can do to combat hot flashes and night sweats

”A warm room being good for sleep is actually a myth, although believed by many. A cool temperature is absolutely essential for sleep, as a low core body temperature is associated with shorter sleep onset, but also, a warmer environment causes more sleep fragmentation and nightmares. Therefore, and particularly for women experiencing hot flashes during the menopausal period, it is recommended to keep the bedroom around 65F/18C, use a fan if you do tend to overheat, and ensure your menopause sleepwear is light and breathable.” 


What is the doctor’s advice when it come to menopause sleepwear and the role it can play in helping us to sleep better? Dr Robbins explains:

1. What pajamas fabrics are best for menopause night sweats and how can they help to quell hot flushes at night? 

The best fabric is that which is silky and cozy to the touch and to your personal preference. If you are experiencing sleep difficulties due to overheating at night, such as women during the menopausal years, fabrics that are light and breathable are absolution essential. Fabrics such as those derived from the eucalyptus tree are recommended for individuals experiencing overheating at night, as these fabrics have moisture wicking properties.

2. Does style matter when shopping for menopause sleepwear? (t-shirt, shorts sets, etc.)

Our body temperature ebbs and flows over the night, so it is important to consider this as you choose sleepwear or other elements of the bed itself. It is ideal to maintain a low core body temperature, so those who commonly report night sweats or being overly hot at night would benefit from sleepwear and bedding components that help maintain a low core body temperature as possible.” 

3. Should the fabric/selections change seasonally? (different choices for summer vs winter?)

Our sleep changes dramatically form season to season. For instance, we sleep for less time in the summer than in the winter months. Temperature is of course an important factor in seasonal differences to sleep. In the summer months make sure your body can remain cool by keeping an eye on your bedroom temperature and your sleepwear.”  

4. Why are these specific Dagsmejan menopause sleepwear better than other brands for sleeping/regulating body temperature? 

"What makes Dagsmejan unique is myself and other scientists advise the company on optimal avenues for product design, fabrics, and other components that are backed by science. Dagsmejan is also currently conducting a trial to test their product in its ability to improve bodily temperature and sleep, which is a focus that is unique in the sleepwear sector." 

menopause pajamas


Dagsmejan sleepwear is designed to aid your individual sleep needs by helping to regulate your temperature and moisture during the night. As a result you stay in the ideal climatic comfort zone for longer and can enjoy a better sleep. 

Dagsmejan is not only a moisture wicking pajamas but works on multiple levels to keep you at the ideal sleeping temperature:

  • Exceptional breathability, 6-8x better than cotton, means that excess heat is released quickly helping to avoid overheating also by hot flashes at night
  • Evaporative cooling: if you start to sweat at night a part of the moisture is saved in the core of the fibre helping to cool you down through evaporative cooling.
  • Moisture wicking pajamas: excess night sweat is pushed through the fabric where it spreads on a wide surface and dries quickly.

Our stay cool and balance collection are ideal as menopause nightwear, discover for yourself what pajamas for hot flashes can do for your night comfort.



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