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We are very proud to introduce our partnership with NATIVATM 100% traceable merino wool. We have always been using certified mulesing-free merino wool in our NATTWARMTM fabrics as part of our ethical wool pajamas collection. 

To go one step further and offer customers highest transparency on wool origin, Dagsmejan has now entered a cooperation with the world's leading manufacturer of sustainable and ethical merino wool to create 100% traceability, from fiber to bed.

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Dagsmejan’s Stay Warm collection uses NATTWARMTM fabrics, consisting of ultra-fine merino wool and Lyocell from eucalyptus, providing ultralight breathable warmth without you ever overheating.

NATTWARMTM  is 4x more breathable than cotton whilst giving them same warmth as other fabrics up to 50% heavier.  Latest studies have shown that we can sleep up to 15 minutes longer with merino wool pajamas by falling asleep faster and enjoying a deeper sleep.

The natural structure of merino wool creates insulating air pockets, trapping more air than any other fibre and building a natural defence against the cold. If you get too warm the merino fibres transports the body's moisture vapour to the outside where they evaporate, keeping you comfortably cool. This makes merino an all-year round solution for a great night's sleep and the ultimate fibre for a thermal pajamas. And as a bonus they are naturally anti-bacterial, the merino wool fibre absorbs odour and only releases it when you wash the garment again. 

Dagsmejan and NATIVA

Since starting the production of the Stay Warm collection, Dagsmejan has been using exclusively mulesing-free and certified merino wool for its merino sleepwear Now, the young brand goes one step further to offer customers highest transparency. With NATIVATM a world leading producer of sustainable and ethical merino wool, Dagsmejan found the perfect partner for this project.

For this solution all production steps are recorded on a Blockchain to ensure a 100% traceable journey from fibre to bed.

“Dagsmejan is committed to highest standards when it comes to sustainable and ethical production and we are very proud that with this partnership with NATIVATM we can go one step further to provide full transparency and traceability to our customers when it comes to the welfare of the sheep giving the wool for our STAY WARM collection”, so Catarina Dahlin, CEO of Dagsmejan. "We are looking forward to our partnership with Dagsmejan. The brand's values, paired with NATIVA's sustainability credentials in animal welfare, CSR and environmental impact, means the garment you wear will be truly unique. We believe Dagsmejan's aesthetics and quality, with a fiber like NATIVA™ fine Merino wool, make it ideal for today's responsible consumer", so Federico Paullier, Managing Director from Chargeurs Luxury Materials.

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Sustainable and ethical merino pajamas

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