11 Best Gifts for Women Who Love to Travel

Find out why Smarter Travel includes our best pyjamas for women in their shortlist of gifts for travelling women: 

"Always fighting over the hotel room thermostat? Whether she sleeps cold or hot, Dagsmejan has a pair of pyjamas to help. The innovative sleepwear brand uses fabrics that are scientifically-proven to regulate temperature. Choose from items for the person who’s always cold, like this long-sleeve shirt and sleep pants combo, or cool things down with the slip top and sleep shorts from the stay cool line."

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The most comfortable pajamas in the world

The most comfortable pyjamas in the world

Time and time again, our customers have called our sleepwear the most comfortable pyjamas they have ever worn. Our innovative fabrics are made from finest natural fibers combined with the latest textile innovation which results in super soft, light & breathable sleeping comfort. Discover our different collections now:



 Best pajamas for nightsweats

Best pyjamas for nightsweats

Night sweats impact more people than we might believe.The patented NATTWELL fabric used in our Balance collection is 6x more breathable than cotton and helps wick away moisture from your skin to keep you dry.


Womens merino wool pajamas

Thermal pyjamas

Our Stay warm collection made from finest merino wool helps you stay warm during colder nights while still being highly breathable, so you never overheat. Find out why merino wool make for ideal thermal pyjamas!


Menopause nightwear

Pyjamas to wear during the menopause

Studies show that 3 in 4 women sleep worse during menopause. The most common menopause sleep problem is hot flashes which then lead to sweating and overheating. Our balance collection can help you sleep better by supporting your own temperature regulation and optimal moisture management.

Discover now our menopause nightwear