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moisture wicking pajamas by Dagsmejan

Sleepwear reinvented

best pajamas for night sweats

Improve your night comfort and sleep quality with Dagsmejan's temperature regulating sleepwear. With high-tech natural fibres Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to help you sleep deeper and longer by staying in the ideal climatic comfort zone. That's why Dagsmejan has been called the most comfortable pajamas in the world. 


sleeping better with moisture wicking pajamas

To help us sleep better Dagsmejan sleepwear works on 4 levels. For an optimal cooling it's key that we not only wick moisture away from the skin but also cool us down with evaporative cooling. The great benefit of natural fibres is that they have the ability to store moisture in the core of the fibre helping to cool us down.

Dagsmejan fabrics have been engineered to combine this evaporative cooling with moisture wicking properties for a revolutionary moisture management and temperature regulation. Scientifically proven. 

best pajamas for night sweats

Night comfort, not night sweats



Ever wondered why you are sometimes hot and sometimes cold during the night? Night sweats can really decrease our sleep quality and sleep duration and as a result we wake up tired. To be able to enjoy a good night's sleep we need to keep the best temperature for sleep. When our temperature changes during the night, the very important deep sleep phases suffer and our sleep quality is reduced. If we get too warm we start to sweat and afterwards we often become cold and start to shiver.

Many people are impacted by sweating while sleeping. A study in the UK has shown that a third of patients visiting their local doctor complained of night sweats.

How to sleep better with Dagsmejan

temperature regulation

ideal sleeping temperature

When our temperature changes during the night our deep sleep in particular is negatively impacted. This lowers our sleep quality and decreases our night comfort. With Dagsmejan sleepwear you can keep the ideal sleeping temperature for a longer and deeper sleep. 

Moisture management

Moisture wicking pajamas for night sweats

We sweat every night, if our sleepwear isn't engineered for sleep this can lead to wet and uncomfortable clothing. With Dagsmejan you can enjoy the best of moisture wicking pajamas with evaporative cooling. Say goodbye to excessive sweating at night. 

Supreme fit and comfort

most comfortable pajamas in the world

Every night we move on average 50 times so it's important that we move with us. With Dagsmejan you can enjoy the most comfortable pajamas in the world. With no tags, comfort waistbands and flat seams you will experince a night comfort that dreams are made of. 

Super soft touch

super soft sleepwear

When we are sleeping the blood flow to our skin increases as part of the regeneration process. As a result we are more sensitive to touch. Dagsmejan sleepwear is twice as soft as cotton, truly a second skin of ultra-light night comfort. Discover why Dagsmejan has been called the softest women's pajamas and the softest men's pajamas