The unique benefits

After a good night’s sleep we feel refreshed and energised, ready to make the most of each day with a clear mind. That’s why we developed Dagsmejan sleepwear, a unique range of sleepwear designed for incredible sleep comfort all night, every night.

Whilst there has been a functional revolution in sportswear featuring innovative fabrics and new textile construction techniques, we still spend a third of our lives in one of the least innovative garments around—the same type of pyjamas that were worn 50 years ago. By taking insights from high performance sportswear and adapting them to our body’s physiological sleep needs we have reinvented sleepwear for a good night and a great day.

Read more about how you can sleep your way to being healthier, smarter, faster and happier

Sleep is one of the most powerful tools for a healthy life, body, mind and soul. You can literally sleep your way to being happier, healthier, smarter and faster. Yet sleep problems are becoming epidemic in the industrialised world, impacting not only our nights but also our days. Sleep problems are one of the top 5 self-identified health problems and research shows that 60% of people feel that they don't get enough sleep. Many factors influence our sleep. Recent research shows that one very important, but often overlooked factor is keeping our body temperature in the right climatic zone throughout the night. To fall asleep our core temperature needs to drop by 1 °C and our skin temperature increases significantly. In addition our temperature often shifts when we sleep due to our exercise habits, diet and health. More surprisingly perhaps is the fact that the more intensely we dream, the more we sweat.

Researchers across the world have found that you can sleep your way to: 

  • Staying healthy: Whilst you are sleeping your immune system is carrying out preventive maintenance helping you to curb inflammation and live a longer and healthier life. Getting enough sleep also helps to maintain a healthy weight as well as a healthy and younger appearance. Sleeping can even help you avoid accidents, so you had better make sure you get to bed on time!
  • A quicker mind and better career: To get more out of your day at work make sure you are maximising your night-time rest at home. Sleep is key for staying mentally sharp and alert. In particular short-term memory and high-level mental tasks for which we need to pay attention to multiple things at once are negatively impacted if we sleep poorly.
  • Faster recovery after doing sports: Regardless of whether you are a triathlete or enjoy yoga, sleep is key if you want live up to your full potential. When you sleep your body repairs tissue and strengthens its immune system, all of which help you to get back out there the next day.
  • Feeling happy: Good sleep sets up the brain for positive feelings. Whilst you sleep your body repairs the damage done by stress so that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day’s challenges.


Extremely breathable—keeps your temperature just right all night

Featuring a high-tech natural fibre and a design incorporating different thermal zones based on where you need more or less warmth during the night.

4x better than cotton at drawing sweat away from the skin

Our fabric draws moisture away from the skin and is quick-drying. Via body mapping we have identified areas of the body that are more prone to sweating during sleep, adding extra moisture-wicking zones there.

9 out of 10 find it more comfortable than their ordinary pyjamas

By studying our sleep patterns, Dagsmejan sleepwear has been designed for optimal sleep comfort and fit; featuring a minimum of flat seams, a tagless design, soft elastic waistbands and a natural stretch.

Exceptionally smooth surface. Twice as soft as cotton pyjamas.

Our extremely soft and smooth fabric offers outstanding comfort as proven in testing.


Dagsmejan sleepwear is of course also machine washable and made to last—even after multiple washes you will still enjoy all its benefits, plus its great shape and colour.


To ensure an ideal fit and supreme comfort over 50 men and women of varying ages and sizes tested the Dagsmejan pyjamas. We received feedback on every aspect of our garments—from seams and waist bands to the lengths of the sleeves and the feel of the fabric—this feedback has been incorporated into our designs.

"Dagsmejan pyjamas have helped me to get a good night’s sleep. Soft, comfortable and fits well; when I wake up in the morning I feel rested and energised. They are also lightweight and perfect to take when travelling!" - Sofia

"I personally love this pyjama; feels and looks great whilst delivering on all the functional claims. From mountaineering I know the difference the right clothing makes and to have both natural fibres and the benefits of sportswear is a real positive. " - Karl

"I'm very particular about what I wear to bed and I was very impressed. Super-comfortable and stylish, not at all like bulky pajamas. A 21st century sportswear/ sleepwear version of 1950's cool!" - Greg

"I absolutely love my new Dagsmejan pyjamas! The material is so soft and comfortable to sleep in. The fact that I can mix different designs and colours as I want is also a big plus. " - Ebba

"I hate waking up hot and sweaty so Dagsmejan is perfect for me. It really makes a difference! " - Anna

“These are the most comfortable pajamas I have ever worn!” - Paul

“The high waistline really hugs you in without squeezing you too tight. Super flattering design, makes you feel great.” - Judith

"They really make a difference! I felt comfortable and cool without being chilly, they really set you up for a good night’s sleep. " - Sofia


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