Find out why Stylenest describe Dagsmejan as the most comfortable pajamas out there!


What do you look for in a bed-fellow? Something that makes you feel all warm and snuggly or smooth and slinky? Or maybe a bit of both. Dressing for bed is more of a necessity in your forties, and rather than planning for saucy sessions, I have been searching for nightwear that is tasteful enough to have a chat on the doorstep to the Amazon driver, and doesn’t get me in a tizzy when I’m fidgeting under the sheets (thanks menopause!)

There’s no bad time to shop for pyjamas, but it’s a great time to invest in something to see you through the cold months that are imminent, so when my Dagmejans arrived in the most glamorous packaging known to mankind, I knew I was in for a treat.

I set out to find a pair of modern, comfy pyjamas in fabrics that I can sleep and lounge in, and when pursuing the Dagsmejan website further, I discovered that the fabric could help with night sweats and I was won over! With an array of mix-and-match styles, including women’s pants, crew neck tops, pants and summer “short johns”, as well as a selection of nighties, there will definitely be something to tickle everyone.

In fact, it might be easier to say the collections are unisex, as I chose a short sleeved, round neck striped top from the Mens section and matching wide legged pinstripe bottoms, which were so slinky, smooth, and cool on the skin. Soft and slightly stretchy I felt like I was cocooned like a baby who has just come out of the bath, and putting them on after said bath on a Friday, I didn’t want to take them off all weekend!

Self-proclaimed “the world’s most comfortable pyjamas”, they definitely excel in that department; and you can choose styles to suit your nighttime temperature- whether you like to toasty or beat the night sweats, the patented NATTWELL™ technology which is part of the brand’s DNA has you covered.

There are even a few styles to help with muscle recovery. The revolutionary technology: NATTRECOVER™ fabric features energising minerals that recycle excess body heat and convert it into infrared energy thus enhancing muscle regeneration.

Swedish design coupled with Swiss innovation ensures that the devil is in the detail, so you can rest assured (pun intended) that your nightwear will not only be super soft, wash well and keep you calm, Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort, and looks great too."

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Find the collection that matches your needs the best and up your sleep comfort with luxury sleepwear.

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The balance collection

Hot and cold at night? Then this collection offers temperature regulating pajamas that will help you keep the ideal sleeping temperature night after night. By combining beechwood fibres with a proprietary technology unrivalled moisture management and temperature regulation properties have been achieved. Discover the best sleepwear for night sweats

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The stay cool collection

Too hot to sleep? Then eucalyptus is your cooling sleep aid. This pajamas for hot sleepers is 8x more breathable than cotton and dries in 1/3 of the time. Cooling you down through evaporative cooling and keeping you dry with moisture wicking magic. 

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The stay warm collection

Looking for that ultimate, breathable warmth? This collection of thermal pajamas is made with a luxurious blend of super fine merino wool and eucalyptus fibres guaranteeing that you stay cozy warm without ever overheating. It consists of both warm pajamas for women and for men in a variety of colors and styles. 

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The recovery collection

Looking for athlete recovery sleepwear to boost your recovery at night? then the recovery collection is your secret weapon. Helping to oxygenate the muscles at night so that you wake up more fresh.

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