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Most of us have heard that doing sports can help to improve our sleep quality, but did you know that sleep also helps you to get fit? Getting more and better quality sleep really can help you improve your athletic performance, regardless of your level and preferred sport.

Research shows that sleeping better can help you improve your speed, accuracy and reaction time when doing sports. So how is sleep actually helping us to get fit?

When we go into the first stage of deep sleep a growth hormone is released which helps the body to regenerate and repair. The hormone stimulates protein synthesis, promotes cell division and helps to break down fat which provides energy for tissue repair.

The more we exercise the more we need to sleep. If you start training for a marathon or increase your exercise frequency, the increased intensity can weaken your immune system and put you at a greater risk of falling ill. Studies have shown that athletes who on average sleep less than 8 hours a night are almost twice as likely to get a sports injury as those who sleep more than 8 hours.

Just as you need more calories when you do more sports, you also need more sleep to fully recover. If you are training intensively you should sleep up to an hour extra per night. Athletes at the top of their game sleep even more.

From the professional athlete

sleep to perform

Ronnie Schildknecht, Swiss Triathlete

11x IRONMAN champion, ITA DUATHLON Long Distance European Champion, 6x DUATHLON Swiss Champion, multiple 70.3 winner. Swiss record holder on the IRONMAN distance.

"For me sleep or sleep hygiene is an important part of my training. When I train hard, I have to recover as quickly and as well as possible. On the one hand I try to sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours. But what is important is the quality of the hours. On the one hand I keep the room dark and at the right room temperature and with Dagsmejan I use sleepwear that help my body to recover optimally.

To choose a specific, technical clothing for sleep that helps the body to maintain an optimal sleeping climate is of utmost importance to me. I was already enthusiastic about the distinct sleep feeling after the first night and can recommend Dagsmejan to everyone, whether professional athlete or office employee."

Ronnie Schildknecht

Sleep to win

Sleep tips from professional athletes

For professional sportsmen and women sleep is vital. That is why Serena Williams and Roger Federer sleep up to 12 hours a night, in particular during competition season. Patrick Küng, former downhill ski world champion, talks about the challenge travelling for competitions as well: “Travelling a lot for competitions I realize that hotel rooms can be a killer for my sleep, either too warm or too cold. With Dagsmejan I don’t have to worry about that anymore, these pajamas makes my body feeling instantly at home.”

Sebastian Rode

1. Sleep for high performance: "As a competitive athlete, good sleep is extremely important for regeneration. A bad night can sometimes be compensated physically, but too little sleep over several nights has a strong negative effect on performance."

2. Getting enough sleep: “I often used to wake up sweating during the night. Then I discovered Dagsmejan’s functional sleepwear a few years ago and was happy to have finally found a sleepwear that is both loose and comfortable and regulates the body temperature well during sleep. With the new Recovery line my sleep quality has improved once again.”

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1. Adjusting my sleep to my need: “As an athlete, recovery is just as important as all the training we’re doing,” says Tanja Hüberli. “And if we sleep well enough, pushing our limits gets easier,” adds her teammate Nina Brunner.

2. Sleep and performance: “Good and deep sleep is essential to perform at our very best during competitions. Especially when we have tournaments that have a longer duration, it is very important to get enough rest.”

3. Consistency and comfort: “I try and go to bed at the same time every day. I turn my phone off 30 minutes before I want to sleep and read a book or just listen to music. My bedroom is very cosy and doesn’t have a lot of things in it, so I feel very comfortable in the environment where I sleep.” - Tanja

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sleep like a champion

What can we learn from the professional athletes that are on top of their game? One important lesson is that sleep has been a vital component of their success. Dr. med Lutz Grauman, Phd & specialist in sports medicine, nutrition and chirotherapy and member of the Dagsmejan medical advisory board, talks about why sleep is so important in the world of professional sports and what we all can learn from that.


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Combining the finest natural fibres with the latest sleep technology, Dagsmejan sleepwear is scientifically proven to help you sleep longer and deeper. By staying longer in the ideal climatic zone we can ensure that we can enjoy truly restorative sleep to wake up with focus, energy and clarity to take on whatever the day may offer.

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New development in sleepwear is helping the nightly rejuvenation after training. By keeping the best temperature for sleep we have a larger percentage in the vital deep sleep phases which supports an optimal recovery after sports. Functional sleepwear and the evolution of smart pajamas by Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to boost your sleep. 

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