Good sleep and good health go hand in hand. That’s why Dagsmejan has partnered with the Pink Ribbon Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is launching a special edition Sleepshirt. To support women’s sleep and women’s health, we are donating 20 USD for every purchase to the Pink Ribbon Foundation.



Sleep is one of the key factors impacting our health, as getting a good night’s rest boosts our immune system. The less you sleep, the more at risk you are for getting sick. Studies have even found that people who sleep less than 7 hours a night are 3 times more likely to get the common cold. Additionally, sleeping problems can be a risk factor for developing certain types of severe illnesses, such as cancer.

Women are especially affected by bad sleep. Almost 30% of women suffer from sleeping problems compared to 20% of men.  A sleep and women’s health study explains that the extreme hormone fluctuations that women often experience are the cause for poor sleep quality. This challenge a woman’s ability to stay in the ideal climatic zone at night. Therefore, hormonal changes during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause and the resulting poor sleep quality have a negative impact on women’s health, mood, performance and aging process.

An effective way to combat bad sleep is to choose the correct kind of sleepwear. Pyjamas that have temperature regulating fabric and moisture-wicking functionalities can support the deep sleep phases, increasing overall sleep quality.


Dagsmejan sleepwear has been scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort and quality. That’s why we are proud to announce our partnership with Pink Ribbon to support their mission during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

For this occasion, we are introducing a limited edition, pink version of our best-selling Balance Sleepshirt. For every purchase made, Dagsmejan will donate 20 USD to the Pink Ribbon Foundation. The Sleepshirt is made from breathable NATTWELL™ fabric that keeps your skin temperature 1°C cooler. Due to the high-tech qualities of the fabric, the Pink Ribbon Limited Edition Sleepshirt is

- 6 x more breathable than cotton

- 4x better at drawing sweat away from the skin

- 2x softer than cotton

The result? You keep the best temperature for sleep. If we are too hot or cold at night, our deep sleep phases are reduced, hindering our immune system from replenishing itself effectively. That’s why it’s important that your sleepwear is designed to release excess heat, avoiding overheating whilst keeping you warm enough so you don’t get chilly and start to shiver.

Limited Edition Pink Ribbon Sleepshirt



Dagsmejan sleepwear has received great love from its customers due to the pyjamas’ unique temperature regulating qualities:

  • The women's Nattwell Sleepshirt won me over with the simple and well-fitting cut and the unique comfort. The Dagsmejan Sleepshirt keeps what it promises: comfortable temperature all night long! - Doris H.
  • I suffer from hot flashes (side effects of cancer therapy). The pyjamas regulate the flushes, no more waking up wet! -Gallus I.
  • Simply amazing. The Sleepshirt is incredibly comfortable and fits perfectly. Thank you so much, I will not wear any other pyjamas anymore! - Catia G.

 We feel great joy in knowing that our breathable and temperature-regulating pyjamas can have a significant impact on the lives of our customers. 



To feel well, we need to sleep well. Considering that more women than men suffer from sleeping problems, three brands are here to gift products that make women’s sleep and life a bit easier. Enter this special giveaway for Breast Cancer Awareness Month for a chance to win the ultimate pink bundle worth 550 GBP

WIN 3 PINK PRODUCTS that help improve your health and wellbeing:  

1. BALOO LIVING – Feeling stressed or anxious? Baloo Livings’ weighted blankets feel like a gentle hug and soothe the nervous system, making falling asleep a breeze.  

2. DAGSMEJAN– Suffering from sleeping problems? Dagsmejan has the solution. Their silky soft and incredibly breathable sleepwear make for the most comfortable sleep ever!  

3. LEVEL8 – Upcoming travels are causing you stress? LEVEL8’s sleek and practical luggage is extra durable and make travelling in style and comfort a breeze! 



Dagsmejan is on a mission to provide incredible sleep comfort to everyone. Our collection of stylish sleepwear features luxurious fabrics and comfortable designs to give you the rest you need to feel your best. Our best-selling Balance pyjamas are 6x more breathable than cotton, 4x more moisture wicking, and 2x softer than cotton. 

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dagsmejan is collaborating with the Pink Ribbon Foundation and launching a Pink Ribbon Limited Edition Sleepshirt. For every purchase made, 20 GBP will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation UK.  Keep the best temperature for sleep and get the rest your immune system needs with the Pink Ribbon Limited Edition Sleepshirt! 

Pink Ribbon Limited Edition Sleepshirt



Baloo stands for relaxation and moments of pause, whether you’re dreaming or awake. Their eco-conscious products are made for the moments when the person you most want to spend time with is...yourself.  

Unwind after a long or exciting day with the Baloo Mini in Petal Pink- a natural way to calm the nervous system and get better sleep. The 9lb weighted blanket feels like a gentle hug, making bedtime and naptime a breeze for kids and adults ages 5 to 105! The deep pressure stimulation of the Baloo Blanket feels like a caring embrace and soothes the nervous system, alleviates stress and anxiety, and increases serotonin production.  Made of 100% premium cotton for an all-natural sleep. 



LEVEL8 offers premium luggage with exquisite and practical designs. Finely crafted with durable and quality materials, their cases are always functional and reliable, making them perfect for all travelers who seek to travel with elegance.  

LEVEL8's Pink Glitter Carry-on is their latest luggage launch, fitting everything you need. This glitter carry-on is expertly crafted with German Makrolon Polycarbonate and further enhanced with ultra-quiet 360° Spinner wheels. Backed by years of experience in creating durable luggage people love, LEVEL8 offers the most satisfying luggage for your adventures. Try their fashionable, robust, secure, and lightweight pieces of luggage for travelling in style