September marks the end of our vacation season and therefore introduces shorter days and busier schedules, leaving less time for sleep. Five brands are here to set yourself up for a great sleep this Sleeptember. With 5 vouchers and a combined value of 1000 USD, you are certain to sleep soundly every night.  

PARTICIPATE NOW & WIN 5 x 200 USD vouchers to improve your sleep quality: 

1. AVEDA - Losing sleep over how to fix your hair in the morning? Give your hair a glow up while you’re snoozing with Aveda’s Botanical Repair Overnight Serum

2. DAGSMEJAN - Still looking for the perfect pyjama that keeps you warm enough without overheating? Then you’ll love the exceptionally soft Balance sleepwear from Dagsmejan!   

3. LUMIE - Unable to fall asleep at night although you’re tired? Benefit from Lumie’s light therapy lamps to get your circadian rhythm back on track!  

4. SMARTSLEEP® - Find your ideal sleep setup with Smartsleep®. Their smart ® RECOVERY PILLOW is the ideal companion for an all around restful sleep.

5. B・SYNC ON - Getting up in the morning has never been easier. B・SYNC ON is the world’s first clinically proven wake-up supplement to support your wake-up process.



Still looking for the perfect pyjama that keeps you warm enough at night without overheating? Then you’ll love the exceptionally soft Balance sleepwear from Dagsmejan.

Our sleepwear combines textile engineering and smart design, making for the most comfortable pyjamas, 6 x more breathable than cotton. Made to eliminate night sweats and temperature fluctuations, Dagsmejan’s pyjamas keep your skin dry the whole night. One of our newest Balance colours, Serene Blue, is sure to keep you sleeping in both comfort and style.



Losing sleep over how to fix your hair in the morning? Give your hair a glow up while you’re snoozing with Aveda’s Botanical Repair Overnight Serum.  

A savior for dry, damaged hair, their overnight serum provides deep repair while you’re in bed getting your beauty sleep. Apply it before bed and be amazed by how the carefully selected ingredients and natural oils repair all three of your hair’s layers, reducing split ends by up to 84%. Suitable for all hair types, 100% vegan, animal-free, and best of all - no rinsing necessary the next morning! 



Unable to fall asleep at night although you’re tired? Lumie’s light therapy lamps keep your circadian rhytmn in sync.

Founded in 1991 in Cambridge, Lumie has been researching, designing and developing light therapy lamps for over 30 years. Their light therapy lamps help keep your circadian rhythm on track to improve your sleep, mood and energy for the next day. Especially if you’re stuck indoors with little exposure to natural light, Lumie’s wake-up lights and SAD lamps are must-haves for an effective sleep routine.



A peaceful and restful sleep begins with high-quality sleep products. Smartsleep® allows us to start the next day full of well-being and energy.  

Developed from sleep research, their high-quality sleep products are the ideal companion for a good night's sleep. Smartsleep® offers a variety of sleep promoting products like ergonomic pillows, functional blankets and fascinating sleep scents. Their best-selling smart® RECOVERY PILLOW is perfect for back sleepers and side sleepers. Ideally suited to ease tension, sleep disorders and neck pain, supporting a restful and worry-free sleep. 



Getting up in the morning has never been easier. B・SYNC ON is the world’s first clinically proven wake-up supplement designed to support and improve your wake-up process.   

B・SYNC ON's scientists have come up with the perfect mix of trusted ingredients to make sure you start the day off right. The unique combination of Caffeine, Vitamins B5 and B12 as well as Zinc works to reduce feelings of fatigue, boost your mental performance, sharpen your focus, and elevate positive moods