How to sleep better

Keep the best temperature for sleep

Temperature fluctuations and night sweats impact our sleep, in particular our deep sleep, negatively. Being hot and cold at night can cause us to wake up, if we sleep through our sleep quality is lowered. Dagsmejan temperature regulating pajamas helps you to get a better sleep by staying in the ideal climatic comfort zone. Scientifically proven. 

moisture wicking pajamas

Best temperature for sleep

WHY? Hot and cold at night? Temperature changes at night reduce our sleep quality, meaning we struggle to achieve deep sleep. 

HOW? Balance breathable sleepwear feature NATTWELL™ fabric which keeps your skin temperature 1°C cooler. Balance is 6x more breathable than cotton, excess heat is released so you keep the best temperature for sleep.

Discover how you can sleep better with temperature regulating pajamas.


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Best pajamas for night sweats

WHY? We all sweat but sweating while sleeping can lead to damp sleepwear which is uncomfortable and can cause us to become cold and start to shiver. This lowers our sleep quality, or can even cause us to wake up. 

HOW? A unique combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties help to transport moisture away from your skin quickly whilst cooling you down with evaporative cooling. The balance collection is 4x better than cotton at drawing sweat away.

The result? A moisture wicking pajamas that helps you to enjoy a deeper and longer sleep. 


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The most comfortable pajamas

WHY? We move while we sleep. If our sleepwear doesn't fit perfectly, it's easy to get tangled and uncomfortable. 

HOW? Dagsmejan sleepwear moves with your body. No tags, flat ergonomic seams, and carefully engineered waistbands mean you enjoy amazing comfort all night.


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The softest pajamas

WHY? As we sleep, blood flow to our skin increases as our cells regenerate and our skin becomes more sensitive to touch.

HOW? The balance collection is 2x softer than cotton thanks to super-soft and sustainable natural fibres from beechwood. With significantly less friction than cotton you can enjoy the softest sleep comfort. Discover what the softest pajamas can do for your sleep comfort. 


Hot and cold at night?

Keep the best temperature for sleep

For the best possible sleep we need to stay thermo-neutral, meaning that we are neither too hot nor too cold. However, many suffer from sweating at night and can't keep the optimal temperature for sleep. With a combination of a high tech natural fibre and innovative construction techniques Dagsmejan wicking sleepwear helps you to stay in the ideal climatic zone so you don't have to worry about being hot and cold at nightFor a deeper and longer sleep, scientifically proven.

Customer reviews

The best temperature regulating pajamas

  • ★★★★★

    "Since few days I am proud owner of two night dresses, in which I sleep wonderfully! I have been wearing shirts in modal quality for years, but the functionality of your products is sensational! I admit, I was skeptical before, because a newspaper can write a lot...;-) But the shirt remains dry, despite night sweating."

    — Renate —

  • ★★★★★

    "Expensive but supremely comfortable and do exactly as they say. I wear only these pjs now, as they are so much more comfortable than my previous cotton ones"

    — Mark —

  • ★★★★★

    "They just keep on feeling soft, light and clean night after night, whereas my cotton pj's turned into a reeking bundle of sweat after a night or two."

    — Michiel —

  • ★★★★★

    "I love my moisture wicking pajamas and this is the first time I am not woken up in sweat and sore throat due to temperature differences. The sleepwear is beautiful, light and feels like silk on one's skin. I have sensitive skin and this makes me unable to withstand all nightwear. This is smart, light and elegant."

    — Helle —