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The best temperature for sleep

What is the ideal sleeping temperature and why does it matter? Find out how you can sleep better with the best temperature for sleep.

Why sleep temperature matters | How to keep the best sleep temperature

best sleep temperature

The ideal sleeping temperature

Why it matters

How well we sleep impacts how well we live. What many might not be aware of is the massive impact temperature has on our sleep quality and sleep duration. In particular our deep sleep phases and our REM sleep is impacted by temperature fluctuations, as a result we spend less time in these phases. The result? A lower quality sleep that fails to give us the energy we want and need when we are awake.

Studies have shown that around 40% of people mention being too warm or too cold as the most disturbing factor preventing them from enjoying a great sleep. If we become too warm, and can't release that heat fast enough, we start to sweat. Sweating while sleeping is totally normal, we sweat on average one cup every night. However, with the wrong materials it can lead to uncomfortable wetness on our skin. 

The expert advice

How to keep the ideal sleeping temperature

To fall asleep our core temperature needs to drop and to enjoy a high quality sleep we need to stay in the ideal climatic comfort zone.


Keep your bedroom cool, the ideal sleeping temperature is below 18°C/ 64°F. So what can you do to cool down your bedroom?

  • Keep the blinds/curtains closed during the day so heat doesn't build up.
  • Keep the windows closed during the day if it's warm outside, but open them at night when it starts to cool down.
  • If you don't have a fan or air conditioning you can drape a moist sheet over an open window for a cool breeze.
  • Keep a bottle of cold water next to your bed to cool down.


Taking a warm bath before bedtime causes your body temperature to rise and then fall rapidly making you sleepy. A warm bath also stimulates the release of a hormone which makes you feel relaxed and calm.


If you have cold feet warming them up before going to bed can help you fall asleep faster. You can do this by taking a foot bath or by wearing sleep socks. If our hands and/or feet are too cold our core temperature won't drop, preventing us from falling asleep.


To enjoy a good night's sleep it's important to help the body release excess heat and moisture. Sleepwear and bedding that help to manage temperature and sweat during the night can help support your body's natural heat regulation. Breathable, temperature regulating sleepwear and moisture wicking pajamas can make a real difference.

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Why what we wear matters

Temperature regulating pajamas

To keep the best temperature for sleep we need to wear the right clothing at night. These are the 4 factors to look for:

  • Temperature regulation: a breathable pajamas is critical as this helps to release excess heat so that we don't overheat and start to sweat. We also don't want to become too cold however, as we then can start to shiver which also disturbs our sleep quality. Natural material tends to be more breathable than synthetics.
  • Moisture management: we all sweat but if our sleepwear gets damp or soaked we can easily get cold and start to shiver. sweat wicking pajamas helps to make sure that sweat is wicked away from the skin. However, you also want to makes sure that your sleepwear allows for evaporative cooling, as the moisture is released to the air your skin is also cooled down. Lightweight, natural materials are the best option for a combination of moisture wicking and evaporative cooling.
  • Fit and comfort: as we move over 40 times every night in big and small movements we want to make sure that our sleepwear moves with it. It should not restrict you during the night nor bungle up. Look for a comfort design. The most comfortable pajamas should be like a second skin.
  • Super soft touch: during the night the blood flow in our skin increases making us more sensitive to touch. Look for flat, ergonomic seams and a tagless design for a minimum of friction and rubbing at night.

The Dagsmejan difference

Matching your individual physiological sleep needs

Dagsmejan temperature regulating pajamas is developed to meet your personal sleep needs, regardless of if you are hot and cold at night, always overheat or tend to shiver and get cold. Using the finest natural fibres combined with the latest textile technologies, Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to help you to sleep better.

  • "My PhD investigated links between thermoregulation, sleep and insomnia, and I saw straight away that Dagsmejan sleepwear could balance one's environment with one's body. And I never expected their sleepwear to be so damn comfortable! Sometimes when I'm working from home - I just keep wearing them. You should too." 

    — Professor Michael Gradisar, Sleep Researcher, Clinical Sleep Psychologist, CEO of WINK Sleep Online.

  • “Optimal sleep is essential for you to recover from the mental and physical demands of daily life. Yet many of us aren’t getting enough of it and unintentionally, we often tend to compromise the quality. Dagsmejan is a valid and excellent supporting tool to support your sleep in the right way.” 

    — Anna West, BScN/Founder of Sleep2perform, a high-performance consultancy specialized in sleep

  • "Thermoregulation is key for a good night's sleep. To fall asleep and to enjoy a deep, restorative sleep we need for our core body temperature to drop, but if we get too cold we will shiver and our sleep quality suffers.That is why I recommend sleepwear by Dagsmejan; they help us to cool down or warm up depending on our needs so that we can sleep deeper for longer."

    — Lutz Graumann, Phd & specialist in sports medicine, nutrition and chirotherapy, Member of the Dagsmejan Scientific Advisory Board

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