Balance — women

Balance — women

Sleep better with the softest pajamas for women

  • Best temperature for sleep

    Hot and cold at night? Keep the ideal sleeping temperature with the best breathable pajamas for women—lightweight, breathable and exceptionally soft. 

    • 6 x more breathable than cotton 
    • 4x better at drawing sweat away from the skin 
    • 2x softer than cotton
  • Botanic beechwood fibres

    NATTWELL™ fabric is based on a beechwood fibres which are both soft on the skin and exceptionally ecological. The fibre is extracted from beechwood, using Edelweiss® technology, a production process that is low on energy usage and other resources. All steps of the production process of Dagsmejan moisture wicking pajamas are Oekotex certified to ensure that we take care of not only our customers but also the environment.

    Find out more about the journey from fibre to sleep. 


  • Swiss textile engineering

    Extensive research allowed us to enhance the MicroModal fibre—the core remains moisture absorbing, while the outer layer is adapted to make it water resistant and to repel moisture. This is what gives the Balance sleepwear collection revolutionary moisture management and temperature regulation properties. A moisture wicking pajamas that transport moisture away from your skin quickly, whilst cooling you down with evaporative cooling, for the optimal sleep temperature. The result? You stay longer in the ideal climatic zone for a deeper and better sleep. That's what makes it the best women's pajamas for night sweats.


  • Sustainably made in Europe

    The balance sleepwear is 100% made in Europe with the highest standards in terms of workers' well-being and environmental protection.

    • Technology: Switzerland
    • Fibres: Austria
    • Spinning the yarn: Germany
    • Knitting & dyeing: Austria & Germany
    • Garment making: Portugal & Romania


  • ★★★★★

    Elegant, breathable comfort

    This is the most elegant nightgown I’ve ever seen. The design is simple and flattering, and the fabric is beyond soft and comfortable.  I’ve bought one so far but ready to order another. 


  • ★★★★★

    Breathable pajamas for women

    I love the material, the color and the style! Soft and warm without feeling heavy or bulky. Keeps body temperature comfortable and even, helping to keep me from waking up at night. Great!


  • ★★★★★

    Moisture wicking magic

    I saw this on a Facebook ad, and while I was somewhat skeptical of the stellar reviews, I needed a new moisture wicking long sleeved sleepshirt and decided to give it a
    try. Wow!  It is incredibly soft, looks beautiful on me, and works as advertised.  I highly recommend this item and will definitely buy it again. 

    – Melanie–

  • ★★★★★

    Best nightwear for night sweats

    I love the fabric.. comfortable and keeps me dry from nightsweats. I just ordered 3 more in different colors!


Moisture wicking pajamas for women -

Hot and then cold at night? Keep the ideal sleeping temperature and experience the softest sleep comfort with Dagsmejan’s moisture wicking pajamas women. This collection of breathable pajamas for women is made with beechwood fibres combined with a patented technology giving revolutionary temperature regulation and moisture management abilities. Beechwood is not only exceptionally sustainable, requiring up to 20x less water than cotton, it’s also super soft and supple. This super soft pajamas for women is scientifically proven to keep your temperature 1 degree lower than a regular cotton pajama as the temperature rises. It’s designed to keep you in the ideal climatic comfort zone, night by night. If we get too hot or too cold at night our sleep quality suffers, as a result we don’t get the recovery we need and deserve. If we overheat and our pjs can’t release the heat we begin to sweat, which often leads to uncomfortably cold and clammy sleepwear.

Dagsmejan really is the best women’s sleepwear for night sweats, not only 6x more breathable than cotton, it’s also 4x better at managing moisture. Discover what sweat wicking pajamas for women can do for your sleep comfort and quality.

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