Sensitive — Men

Sensitive — Men

Give your skin the soothing comfort for you to sleep your best.

  • Improved skin comfort

    Don’t let sensitive skin or atopic dermatitis keep you awake at night. NATTSENSITIVE™ is a significantly better choice for men with a sensitive skin than cotton:

    • Rated 75% better for skin friendliness
    • Rated 62% better for skin tolerance
    • 10x more breathable


  • Healing zinc and eucalyptus

    The NATTSENSITIVE™ fabric is combining healing zinc with breathable eucalyptus for the ultimate soothing skin comfort for men. With direct skin contact the natural moisture of the skin cause zinc ions to be released, which creates a regenerative effect on the skin.


  • Dermatological testing

    Receiving the 5-star seal from Dermatest®, the NATTSENSITIVE™ fabric is proven to be 4x better at improving sleep quality than cotton. Dermatest® is an independent dermatology testing institute based in Münster, Germany. Our sensitive collection is a the best choice for sensitive skin.


  • Natural and sustainable

    Combining healing zinc and breathable eucalyptus in a skin friendly design, NATTSENSITIVE™ is dermatologically tested and proven to support a healthy sleep quality 4x better than cotton.

    • Eucalyptus fibres: Europe and Asia
    • Zinc: Iceland
    • Sleep technology: Switzerland
    • Yarn spinning: Portugal
    • Knitting and dyeing of the fabric: Portugal
    • Garment making: Romania

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Improved Ski. Improved Sleep.

Discover the perfect solution for men with sensitive skin and eczema with our NATTSENSITIVE™ collection. Specially designed to tackle skin irritation during the night, these men's pajamas for eczema ensure a quality sleep. Discover the best men's sleepwear for sensitive skin, featuring a blend of eucalyptus fibers with zinc. Our fabric is exceptionally thermo-regulating, outperforming cotton with 10x greater breathability. NATTSENSITIVE™ efficiently dissipates excess heat and thus ensures an optimal skin climate that enables undisturbed sleep. Additionally zinc has a regenerating effect and soothes your skin during the night. Prioritizing your comfort, our men's sleepwear adopts a tagless design to minimize friction. Seamlessly integrating ergonomically placed seams, turned inside out for minimal skin contact, the best men’s pajamas for sensitive skin guarantee a smooth and irritation free sleep. Whether managing atopic dermatitis or general skin sensitivity, these men’s pjs for eczema are tailored to enhance your well-being. Benefit from the power of Dagsmejan's NATTSENSITIVE™ pajamas – the key to a peaceful night.

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