Recommended by dermatologists

Proven in scientific testing

NATTSENSITIVE™ has been independently tested and verified both in dermatological testing as well as in lab testing. It was rated 5 star for skin-friendliness. NATTSENSITIVE™ is a significantly better choice for sensitive skin than cotton:

  • Rated 75% better for skin friendliness
  • Rated 62% better for skin tolerance
  • 10x more breathable
  • Rated 4x better at improving sleep quality

Senstitive skin dermatologically tested

Clinically tested and verified

NATTSENSITIVE™ received the 5-star seal from Dermatest®, an independent dermatology testing institute based in Münster, Germany.

This seal is only given for long term application tests where maximum skin safety can be guaranteed and where the standards of clinical testing are met.

Recommended by dermatologists

Dr. med. Werner Voss

"Sensitive skin is a nuisance during the day, but it can become a menace during the night when blood flow in our skin is increasing and irritations are seriously disturbing our sleep quality, and hence our life quality.

Dagsmejan has developed a new kind of sleepwear that is helping to sooth skin irritation while we sleep, making sure we get the nightly rest we need and deserved. The benefits of the NATTSENSITIVE™ sleepwear have been confirmed in a dermatological application study by Dermatest. This is why I can highly recommend those products.”

Dr. med. Werner Voss — Specialist in Dermatology Signature Venereology, Allergology, Phlebology and Environmental Medicine

the dermatological testing protocol

Improved skin comfort and sleep quality

The NATTSENSITIVE™ collection has been dermatologically and clinically tested by Dermatest®. In a comparison (double-blind) study, 21 persons (men/women, aged between 35-55 with sensitive, dry or skally skin) tested the NATTSENSITIVE™ sleepwear vs comparable (cotton-based) sleepwear for 4 weeks each. 50% of the subjects start wearing NATTSENSITIVE™ for 4 weeks and 50% of the subjects start wearing the comparison pyjamas sleepwear for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks the groups changed.

The subjects rated the NATTSENSITIVE™ products significantly better on the key dimensions comfort, skin tolerance and sleep quality. The subjects rated the NATTSENSITIVE™ 62% for skin tolerance and 75% better for skin comfort than the comparison sleepwear. To the question “does this pyjama improve my sleep quality”, 57% answered with” totally agree and rather agree” vs 14% for the comparison products.

Reference: Dermatest Gmbh / Expert report by dermatological specialist about a clinical dermatological application study (Test period September - November 2023)


Laboratory testing

The thermoregulating properties of NATTSENSITIVE™ have been independently confirmed in both flat testing and torso testing conducted by Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research. Comparing with cotton and a large range of other fabric compositions NATTSENSITIVE™ was proven to be exceptionally breathable, 10x more so than cotton.

  • ★★★★★

    “The wearing comfort was outstanding. I also didn't sweat in my pyjamas, even at higher temperatures. “

    — Test participant —

  • ★★★★★

    "I really like it, I wouldn't want to be without it. Comfortable, feels very, very good on the skin, wonderful"

    — Test participant —