Dermatologically proven

Improved skin comfort, improved sleep

Don’t let sensitive skin or atopic dermatitis keep you awake at night. Give your skin the soothing comfort for you to sleep your best and feel your best.

NATTSENSITIVE™ is rated 5-star for skin friendliness in independent dermatological testing.

soothing sensitive skin

Soothing sensitive skin

Sensitive skin and skin irritation can disturb our sleep quality. The urge to itch can wake us up and if we don't sleep through we spend less time in the deep sleep phases.

NATTSENSITIVE™ contains zinc which has a regenerative impact on the skin giving it the soothing comfort it needs at night:

  • Rated 75% better for skin friendliness than cotton
  • Rated 62% better for skin tolerance than cotton


ideal skin climate

Ideal skin climate

If we overheat at night and start to sweat, the moisture will evaporate to cool us down. However, as it evaporates the skin dries out and is left with a salty residue that can irritate sensitive and eczema skin and bring on the itch.

NATTSENSITIVE™ is made with eucalyptus fibres that are 10x more breathable than cotton. Excess heat is released so you don't start to sweat and keep an ideal skin climate throughout the night.


skin friendly design

Skin friendly design

As the blood flow increase in our skin at night we become more sensitive to touch and irritation. Sensitive skin is even more impacted.

Dagsmejan Sensitive Collection is tagless and designed with a minimum of seams, ergonomically placed. The seams are even turned inside out to have the least amount of friction against the skin.


higher sleep quality

Higher sleep quality

Itching and irritation at night can wake us up or prevent us from having the deep sleep we need and deserve.

NATTSENSITIVE™ improves skin comfort leading to a better sleep. In dermatological testing it was rated as improving sleep quality 4x more than cotton sleepwear.


Senstitive skin dermatologically tested


NATTSENSITIVE™ is clinically tested by Dermatest® and received the 5-star seal for skin friendliness. This seal is only given to product that has been investigated in long-term testing and provide the maximum skin safety and support.


Sleep better

sleep tips for sensitive skin

After itching sleep problems associated with eczema is named as the biggest negative contributor to life quality for people suffering from atopic dermatitis. A study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology involving close to 35 000 adults showed that people with eczema are much more likely of suffering from fatigue, daytime sleepiness and insomnia.

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