Our Story

The inspiration for Dagsmejan came from our passion to lead a full life. Balancing a busy lifestyle, it is key for our body and mind to get the fuel it needs to function and that fuel is sleep. That’s when it struck us how strange it is that we are still wearing the same type of pyjamas we did 50 years ago. In sportswear a functional revolution has taken place but we still spend one third of our lives in one of the least innovative and purpose-driven garments around.

That is why we founded Dagsmejan, dedicated to developing the most innovative sleepwear that will help you enjoy the quality of sleep you need and deserve. The Dagsmejan team and ecosystem consists of sleep scientists, textile engineers, and research and manufacturing partners from leading institutions and companies across Europe. We are united by our passion and vision—to find new ways to improve our lives through a better night’s sleep.

Catarina & Andreas, Co-founders 



Dagsmejan is a Swedish word that refers to the last days of winter when the warmth of the sunshine melts the snow even when the temperature is still below zero. It derives from two words, dag which means day and meja which means strength and power. It’s the time when nature awakens after a dark and cold period. The power of nature was our inspiration for creating a high performance sleepwear range using the latest technology and all natural fibres to give you the ultimate sleeping experience. Wake up as refreshed as on the first day of spring with Dagsmejan.


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