The journey from fibre to sleep

Discover the journey behind our Sensitive collection and find out more about the steps and technology that transform eucalyptus fibres into NATTSENSITIVE™ fabric, scientifically proven to boost skin and sleep comfort.

Research and Development

Step 1: Understanding our physiological sleep needs

Research & Development

After itching sleep problems associated with eczema is named as the biggest negative contributor to life quality for people suffering from atopic dermatitis. The SENSITIVE collection is developed to help people with sensitive skin and eczema to sleep better.

NATTSENSITIVE™ has been independently tested and verified both in dermatological testing as well as in lab testing. Read more about the dermatological testing

Location: Switzerland

Healing Zinc

Step 2: Choosing the natural fibres

Healing & breathable

Combining healing zinc with breathable eucalyptus in a skin friendly design NATTSENSITIVE™ is dermatologically tested and proven to support a healthy sleep quality 4x better than cotton.

Location: Europe & Asia

natural fibres from eucalyptus

Sustainable forests

Breathable eucalyptus fibres

Wood and pulp used by Dagsmejan comes from natural forests and sustainably managed plantations. All fibers are certified with FSC® or PEFC™.

Eucalyptus needs 20 times less water than cotton and 5 times less high-quality farmland

Location: Europe and Asia

healing zinc

Pharmaceutical standards

Healing zinc

NATTSENSITIVE™ contains zinc oxide pharma 4, a very high purity pharmaceutical zinc oxide, meeting the purity specification of DAB 10 and other international pharmacopoeia. The zinc used is REACH conform, a standard used to ensure health and safety.

Location: Germany

ethical production

Step 3: Spinning the yarn

Soft and sustainable

The fibres are spun into a super-fine and super soft yarn according to the highest quality standards in Europe. The process is not only Oekotex 100 certified but also ISO certified (9001, 14001 and 50001)

Location: Portugal

Sleep technology

Step 4: Dermatological testing

Clinically proven

NATTSENSITIVE™ improves not only on your skin comfort but also your sleep quality by helping to soothe and regenerate the skin, creating an ideal microclimate on the skin and a minimum of friction.

NATTSENSITIVE™ is dermatologically tested and proven to support a healthy sleep quality 4x better than cotton.

Location: Germany

knitting and dyeing the fabric

Step 5: Knitting & dyeing of the fabric

soothing, soft comfort

NATTSENSTIVE™ is knitted and dyed according to the highest European standards, utilizing sustainable processes which are Oekotex 100 certified, and as energy efficient as possible. No child labour is used and the company is committed to providing a safe work environment as well as social benefits and sufficient salaries to each worker.

Location: Portugal

The highest quality of craftmanship

Step 6: Sewing the garments

The highest quality of craftmanship

The garment making is in accordance with the standards required in the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) Code of Conduct. Our garment makers have a tight network of trustworthy suppliers that deliver the highest quality trims for the production. In addition to that, internal and external quality control processes are carried out to ensure that the garments are checked at every step of the production.

Location: Romania

packaging dagsmejan

Step 7: Sustainable packaging and delivery

Your Dagsmejan is on its way to you

Your Dagsmejan arrives in a 100% recyclable box and the products are hygienically and sustainably packed in recyclable polybags.

Don’t worry if you wish to return a product: we offer free refunds and all returned unused items are re-steamed and re-used to minimize waste.