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Night sweats impact more people than we might believe. study has shown that a third of patients that visit their local doctor complain of night sweats. Though sweating at night is common, it unfortunately has a very negative impact on our sleep quality and sleep duration.

Anti sweat pajamas

How dagsmejan helps you sleep better

keep the best temperature for sleep

Keep the best temperature for sleep

WHY? Temperature changes at night reduce our sleep quality, meaning we struggle to achieve deep sleep. 

HOW? Dagsmejan breathable sleepwear is made of high tech natural fibres, 6-8x more breathable than cotton. This helps to keep your skin temperature 1 degree cooler at night compared to cotton.

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no more sweating while sleeping

Sweating in sleep no more

WHY? We all sweat. But damp, uncomfortable skin can cause us to suffer poor sleep quality, or even wake up, leaving us tired and restless. 

HOW? Dagsmejan's patented technology NATTWELL™ is 4x better at moisture management than cotton. It works on two levels: using evaporative cooling to cool you down and moisture wicking to keep you dry. That's what makes it the best moisture wicking pajamas. 

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moisture wicking pajama for menopause

The softest pajamas, the deepest sleep

WHY? As we sleep, blood flow to our skin increases as our cells regenerate and our skin becomes more sensitive to touch.

HOW? 2x softer than cotton Dagsmejan is like a second skin wrapping you in the softest comfort.

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perfect fitting pajama men

A perfect fit, all night — 95% rate it 10/10 for comfort

WHY? We move while we sleep. If our sleepwear doesn't fit perfectly, it's easy to get tangled and uncomfortable. 

HOW? Dagsmejan sleepwear moves with your body. No tags, flat seams, and carefully engineered waistbands mean you enjoy amazing comfort all night.


night sweats

Why do we sweat at night

To sweat is normal, it’s part of our bodies’ thermoregulation process and helps to cool us down as the moisture evaporates from our skin.

Our body is made of water, 60% is actually water. We have over 4 million sweat glands that enable us to regulate our temperature. We actually sweat constantly, even when we are inactive and even if the ambient temperature isn’t high. We loose up to 2.5 liters of fluid each day and during one night we sweat on average a full cup of perspiration.

To stop sweating isn’t desirable but we want to avoid excessive sweating at night and there are measure we can take.

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What can we do about night sweats

There are actions we can take to alleviate sweating at night and to keep the best temperature for sleep.

Food and drinks: Foods that are hard to digest like high-fat or protein foods can make us sweat at night, so are best avoided. This includes red meat and fried foods. Spicy food can also cause sweating in sleep. Alcohol can seem to be a good sleeping pill however, it’s linked to both night sweats as well as lower quality sleep. Reducing any late-night drinking could help to reduce sweating at night.

Smoking and inhaling second hand smoke can increase sweating at night.

Choose the right time for sports: Exercising is great for our sleep quality but you want to avoid doing sports just before sleep as elevates our temperature.

Ice down. If you tend to get warm during the night you can keep a glass of ice water next to your bed and have a cold facecloth available in case you wake up feeling overheated. 

Cool down your bedroom: breathing in cold air supports our sleep as it helps to reduce our core body temperature. Keeping our bedrooms below 18 C/ 64 F also helps to avoid night sweats.

Pajamas for night sweats that help regulate temperature and moisture: Breathable pajamas help us to release excess heat and moisture wicking pajamas ensure that we don’t get wet and then cold during the night.

Hot and cold at night?

Discover the best pajamas for night sweats

  • ★★★★★

    Anti-sweat pajamas

    “So thin and light you hardly know you are wearing them yet snug not sweaty! Particularly like no lumpy waistband to dig in as you turn in your sleep. Happy customer!”

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    Sleeping better

    "I suffer from night sweats but also waking up shivering because I am drenched.  NOT ONE NIGHT LIKE THAT with this wicking pajamas!"

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    Moisture wicking pajamas

    "It keeps me cool at night and wicks sweat.  It has improved my sleep!  No more waking up in a sweaty puddle!"

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    Sleeping through every night

    "I bought this wicking sleepwear because as a women of a certain age I’ve been waking up night after night overheated. Not anymore! It’s worth every penny. I now sleep through the night, every night. Thanks Dagsmejan."

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  • ★★★★★

    Best men's sleepwear for night sweats

    "After a sweaty night, I no longer flee from bed in the morning soaking wet, I just cover up a bit and I'm fine. A real comfort gain!"


  • ★★★★★

    Best pajamas for night sweats

    "Wow--it is SO great to be able to sleep through the night without waking up soaking wet from night sweats. This sleep top totally delivers on its promise to keep me dry all night. I recommend it highly."

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