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How well we sleep impact how well we live. What many might not be aware of is the massive impact temperature has on our sleep quality and sleep duration. In particular our deep sleep phases and our REM sleep is impacted by temperature fluctuations, as a result we spend less time in these phases. The result? A lower quality sleep that fails to give us the energy we want and need when we awake. To enjoy a truly restorative sleep we need to keep the ideal sleeping temperature, meaning that we are neither too warm nor too cold.

Studies have shown that around 40% of people mention being too warm or too cold as the most disturbing factor preventing them from enjoying a great sleep. If we become too warm, and can't release that heat fast enough, we start to sweat. Sweating while sleeping is totally normal, we sweat on average one cup every night. However, with the wrong materials it can lead to uncomfortable wetness on our skin. 

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why do i get hot and cold at night?

To enjoy a good night's sleep it's important to help the body release excess heat and moisture. Sleepwear and bedding that help to manage temperature and sweat during the night can help support your body's natural heat regulation. Breathable, temperature regulating sleepwear and  moisture wicking pajamas can make a real difference.

Keep your bedroom cool, the ideal sleeping temperature is below 18°C/ 64°F, and make sure that you have the right pyjamas and duvet so that you don't get too cold or too warm.

Taking a warm bath before bedtime causes your body temperature to rise and then fall rapidly making you sleepy. A warm bath also stimulates the release of a hormone which makes you feel relaxed and calm.

If you have cold feet warming them up before going to bed can help you fall asleep faster, you can do this by taking a foot bath or by wearing sleep socks. If our hands and/or feet are too cold our core temperature won't drop, preventing us from falling asleep.


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We might not be aware of the difference the right, temperature regulating sleepwear can impact how well we sleep. The first layer closest to our skin can be determinative to if we enjoy a truly restorative sleep or toss and turn from being too hot or too cold. 4 factors are in particular important to keep in mind:

- Temperature regulation: breathable pajamas help to ensure that excess heat is releases so that we don't overheat and start to sweat. We don't want to become too cold however, as we then start to shiver. 

- Moisture management: if we start to sweat and our fabric gets soaked and damp we easily get cold instead and start to shiver. Moisture wicking pajamas is crucial to ensure that moisture is transported away from the skin at the right speed to allow for evaporative cooling without having a wet fabric. The best pajamas for night sweats needs to work on two levels to manage moisture. 

- Fit and comfort: we move 40 times every night so it's important that our sleepwear moves with us. The best pajamas should be like a second skin, not restricting us during the night. 

- Super soft touch: our blood flow increase during the sleep meaning that we are more sensitive to touch. The most comfortable pajamas is also the softest pajamas.

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To enjoy a truly restorative sleep we need to find a sleep solution that is matching our specific needs, that’s why we have developed three collections that based on your physiological sleep needs helps you to sleep deeper for longer, scientifically proven. All three collections will help you keep the best temperature for sleep. With moisture wicking pajamas you don't have to worry about night sweats and with breathable pajamas you will keep avoid feeling hot and cold at night. 

All of our garments are sustainably produced in Europe using the finest natural fibres so you can sleep easy knowing that you take care not only of yourself but also the environment.

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This collection is ideal if you get hot and cold at night as it balances out any temperature fluctuations so that you stay longer in the ideal climatic comfort zone. The Balance Collection feature NATTWELL™ fabric, beechwood fibers are enhanced with a patent technology making it 6x more breathable, 4x better at drawing sweat away from your skin, and 2x softer than cotton. This allows for revolutionary temperature regulation and moisture management, keeping skin temperature 1°C cooler than cotton. You have a breathable pajamas that also is the best moisture wicking pajamas



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The Stay warm Collection is ideal if you have a tendency to feel cold at night or during colder seasons. It features NATTWARM™ fabric—an unique combination of mulesing-free super-fine merino wool and high-tech Tencel from Eucalyptus which is specially engineered to offer super soft, ultra-light and breathable warmth The results? Merino wool pajamas that help you stay comfortably warm without ever overheating. Merino fibers regulate moisture, absorbing 35% of their weight before feeling damp to the touch, while the unique structure of Tencel offers 50% better moisture management than cotton with 4x more breathability and 2x the softness. This collection of thermal nightwear works all year around.



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The stay cool collection is your perfect sleep companion if you have a tendency to get hot at night and wake up sweating or during those warm summer nights. Featuring NATTCOOL™ fabric Stay Cool is designed to cool you down through gradual moisture evaporation and keep you dry through exceptional moisture transport, so you can sleep easy without ever overheating. The basis of NATTCOOL™ fabric is Micro Tencel from Eucalyptus, the natural fibers have been engineered to be 8x more breathable than cotton and releases water vapor 60% better, so you can enjoy cool and smooth sleep comfort. This cooling pajamas will ensure that you keep the best temperature for sleep. Great all year around it's also your best wicking pajamas.



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