How to sleep better

The ultimate cooling sleep comfort

Want to cool down? Enjoy the coolest, smoothest sleep comfort with the help of Eucalyptus fibres. 8x more breathable than cotton this collection is the ultimate cooling sleep aid. Discover how Dagsmejan's lightweight, cooling pajamas can help you to sleep better. 

A deep, cool sleep

WHY? Overheating at night can lead to us waking up sweating and hot. Even if we sleep through our sleep quality is lower as we spend less time in the important deep sleep phases.

HOW? Superior breathability means that you don't need to worry about overheating. Dagsmejan cooling nightwear features NATTCOOL™ fabric which pairs exceptionally low thermal resistance with high breathability. The result? Excess heat is immediately released from your body so that you can enjoy a cool sleep comfort. 8x more breathable than cotton.



WHY? Sweating while sleeping is a totally normal part of our thermoregulation process however, it can lead to a disturbed sleep and discomfort if our sleepwear become damp.

HOW? Say goodbye to sweat and damp sleepwear. Dagsmejan cooling nightwear immediately releases water vapour from your skin so that you don't get damp whilst cooling you down with evaporative cooling. The unique structure of Microlyocell means it offers 50% better moisture management than cotton. The NATTCOOL™ fabric in these moisture wicking pajamas dries in 1/3 of the time it takes for cotton fabric to dry. 


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WHY? Did you know that we move on average 50 times every night? If our sleepwear doesn't fit perfectly, it's easy to get tangled and uncomfortable. When the temperature rises sleepwear that is too tight can trap in heat. 

HOW? Designed for a cooling comfort without ever overheating. A loose and breezy fit means you can enjoy a cool comfort night by night. No tags, flat seams and carefully engineered waistbands mean this cooling sleepwear is incredibly comfortable as well. So you sleep easy in these cooling pajamas.


The softest cooling pajamas

WHY? As we sleep, blood flow to our skin increases as our cells regenerate and our skin becomes more sensitive to touch.

HOW? Smooth softness gives an immediate cooling that lasts. Eucalyptus fibres provide exceptional moisture transport with smooth softness. Using the finest of fibres mean that NATTCOOL™ fabric is very light, but strong and exceptionally smooth and comfortable.


  • ★★★★★

    "Keep cool is true. The cooling pajamas really keeps the temperature very low. Sweating is no longer an issue. Very comfortable to wear."

    — Kevin —

  • ★★★★★

    "The fabric is comfortable, silky, and cooling. The cut is flattering and looks great."

    — Ariane —

  • ★★★★★

    "These are amazingly comfortable pajamas. Best I've ever had."

    — Edward —

  • ★★★★★

    "I am really enthusiastic about the cooling nightwear. The fabric feels smooth and soft and really helps against night sweats.

    — Ellen —