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Find out why Travel Weekly rated Dagsmejan's merino pyjamas as one of the best thermal pyjamas

"Dagsmejan Stay Warm Sleepwear: Who would have thought there would be pyjamas designed with the traveler in mind, but such is the case with this unique product touted as making it more likely "you'll get some much-needed Zzzs whether you're in the car, bus or train or even in an unfamiliar hotel room." According to Dagsmejan, a European sleepwear brand, the Stay Warm line of merino wool blend PJs are four times more breathable and two times softer than cotton and will keep you as warm as blankets 50% heavier. The long-sleeved women's sleepwear, for example, comes with a cowl neck for extra warmth, a raglan sleeve to enhance range of motion, and flat seams to reduce friction. Available in a range of sizes and colors. $99.90; https://dagsmejan.com"

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The Most Comfortable Pyjamas in the World-Dagsmejan Merino Wool Pyjamas

Our patented NATTWARM technology in our wool pyjamas uses the finest merino fibers that are 2x softer than cotton. Our merino sleepwear is lightweight and soft, perfect for gifting this holiday season or wearing all year round. These womens and mens thermal pyjamas keep you at the right temperature without overheating. 


The most comfortable pyjamas - Discover our other collections

Whether you are looking for a gift for the holidays or something for yourself, Dagsmejan has something for everyone. Read about our best pyjamas for men and women in our other collections below. 

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The Recovery Collection — for muscle regeneration

Want to enhance your muscle recovery while you sleep? Our Recovery collection recycles excess body heat to make energy, improving muscle recovery. These most comfortable pyjamas are scientifically proven, athlete proven. 

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The Balance Collection – best pyjamas for night sweats

Do you wake up sweating in the middle of the night? Our sweat wicking pyjamas keep you at the right temperature all night long. These temperature regulating pyjamas keep you from drastic temperature changes. If you experience hot flashes, this collection also provides the best menopause pyjamas.

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The Stay cool collection— the best cooling pyjamas for men and women

Want to stop waking up hot in the morning? Our men's and women's cooling pyjamas made of Eucalyptus fibers are the most moisture wicking pyjamas. These women's and men's cooling pyjamas are scientifically proven to be more breathable than comparable cotton pyjamas. 

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