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Menopause and sleep

Studies show that 3 in 4 women sleep worse during menopause and our total sleep time can decrease by almost 40 minutes.  Don’t despair, there are actions you can take to sleep better. With the best menopause pajamas you can alleviate your struggles at night.

Rebecca Robbins

Hot flashes during menopause

Having hot flashes at night? You are not alone. 75-85% of all women suffer from hot flashes during menopause.

Hot flashes at night can make sleeping well difficult during the menopausal years. Dr Rebecca Robbins (PhD, researcher Harvard Medical School) answers some common questions on how you alleviate hot flashes with the help of the right sleepwear.

Menopause sleepwear

The doctor's advice

nightwear for menopause

1. What pajama fabrics are best for menopause night sweats?

The best fabric is that which is silky and cosy to the touch and to your personal preference. If you are experiencing sleep difficulties due to overheating at night, such as women during the menopausal years, fabrics that are light and breathable are absolutely essential. Fabrics such as those derived from the eucalyptus tree are recommended for individuals experiencing overheating at night, as these fabrics have moisture wicking properties.”

Dr Rebecca Robins, (PhD, researcher Harvard Medical School)


2. Does style matter when shopping for menopause sleepwear?

Our body temperature ebbs and flows over the night, so it is important to consider this as you choose sleepwear or other elements of the bed itself. It is ideal to maintain a low core body temperature, so those who commonly report night sweats or being overly hot at night would benefit from sleepwear and bedding components that help maintain a low core body temperature as possible. What style you choose is up to you and the season/occasion!” 

—Dr Rebecca Robins, (PhD, researcher Harvard Medical School)

the best sleepwear for hot flashes

3. Should I change sleepwear by season?

Our sleep changes dramatically from season to season. For instance, we sleep for less time in the summer than in the winter months. Temperature is of course an important factor in seasonal differences to sleep. In the summer months make sure your body can remain cool by keeping an eye on your bedroom temperature and your

—Dr Rebecca Robins, (PhD, researcher Harvard Medical School)

Menopause nightgown

4. What makes Dagsmejan the best menopause nightwear?

"What makes Dagsmejan unique is myself and other scientists advise the company on optimal avenues for product design, fabrics, and other components that are backed by science. Dagsmejan is testing their product in its ability to improve bodily temperature and sleep, which is a focus that is unique in the sleepwear sector." 

—Dr Rebecca Robins, (PhD, researcher Harvard Medical School)

  • ★★★★★

    Best menopause nightwear

    "Meanwhile I belong to the age at which a woman sweats a lot at night (menopause). With the night dress I sleep wonderfully, the heat is dissipated (I don't know how but I'm not sweating anymore) - that's sensational for me. I don't want to wear anything else at night anymore :-)"

    — Cornelia —

  • ★★★★★

    No more sweating at night

    "I am extremely satisfied with the top. Due to menopause I sometimes sweat very much at night. With the new top however I wake up dry again in the morning."

    — Sabine — 

  • ★★★★★

    Combatting hot flashes at night

    "Bought this lovely top (colour is gorgeous) to match the pajama bottoms. Help enormously with night sweats due to the menopause. I can't recommend this top enough. Well worth the money as has helped me sleep a lot better at this awful time."

    — Joanne —

  • ★★★★★

    Pajamas for hot flashes

    "I am currently going through my menopause and have been woken with hot flashes most nights. Since wearing this menopause sleepwear I no longer get woken by night sweats, it is cool and light to wear. Highly recommended."

    — Nicola —

  • ★★★★★

    Best pajamas for menopause

    "I can't believe I don't get hot in these! I live in the desert and am going through menopause! They are so soft as well, like butter. Thank you!"

    — Janet —

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