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menopause and sleep

Over all lives our sleep pattern changes, both with regards to how long we need to sleep as well as the quality of our sleep.

Studies show that 3 in 4 women sleep worse during menopause and our total sleep time can decrease with almost 40 minutes. The most common menopause sleep problems are suffering from hot flashes followed by breathing problems and insomnia.

Don’t despair, there are actions you can take to sleep better. With the best menopause pajamas you can alleviate your struggles at night. Find out how!

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By combining exceptional breathability with evaporative cooling you avoid overheating and stay in the ideal climatic comfort zone. Dagsmejan's menopause nightwear collections are 4-8 times more breathable than cotton so you keep the best temperature sleep, every night.


Moisture management

Best pajamas for hot flashes

Patented sleep technology allows us to combine evaporative cooling with exceptional moisture transport. Dagsmejan Balance is 4x better at moisture management than cotton so that you stay cool and dry. Enjoy a cooling pajamas for hot flashes


Supreme fit and comfort

Most comfortable pajamas for women

We move on average 50 times every night so we need to ensure that our sleepwear moves with us. Tagless with comfort waistbands and flat, ergonomically placed seams Dagsmejan truly is the most comfortable women's pajamas. For incredible night comfort, every night. 


Super soft touch

The softest menopause pyjamas

2x softer than cotton Dagsmejan Balance collection is not only great at helping you keep the ideal sleeping temperature, it's the softest menopause pyjamas as well! When we sleep the blood flow in our skin increases as part of the regeneration process. This can make us more sensitive to touch so make sure you are wearing some super soft sleepwear.



Feeling hot and cold and night? 75-85% of all women suffer from hot flashes during menopause, this can unfortunately significantly reduce sleep quality and night comfort. 

The reason behind why hot flashes appear is still under debate, many link it to the decreased levels of estrogen, which trick the hypothalamus (the temperature regulating region of the brain) into thinking that the body is overheating. The natural reaction from our body is to try to cool down, our blood vessels dilate and blood flow to the skin increase which result in a flushed and sweaty feeling.

There are remedies however, read more about what you can do to reduce the impact of hot flashes and about what makes for the best menopause pajamas.


menopause pajamas


Insomnia is a real problem for many women during menopause, up 60% are impacted by insomnia. Hormonal changes that take place during the menopausal years is one factor that can contribute to insomnia as well as an increased risk of depression

There are remedies however, you can discuss hormone replacement therapy with your doctor for example. This means taking estrogen tablets to compensate for the lower production of this hormone.  There are also a number actions we can take relating to our sleep habits and sleep hygiene to improve our sleep;

1. Food: some foods make sleeping difficult such as alcohol, caffeine and food that are difficult to digest. Some other foods, for example those that naturally contain melatonin, actually help us to sleep better

2. Exercise: adding even 20-30 minutes of low intensity work-outs to your daily routine a few times a week can make a real difference to your sleep quality.

3. Habits and lifestyle: by switching off our electrical gadgets and establishing a sleep routine we can signal to our bodies that it's time to go to bed. 

4. Mood and stress: stress makes sleep difficult and when we are tired we are more easily stressed. Beat the stress-sleep cycle by making sleep a priority.

5. Bedroom: make sure that your bedroom is a haven of peace. Keep it cool, dark and quit as much as possible. 


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Snoring is more common during the menopausal years and also more severe. 

Another breathing related sleep problem is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea means that your breathing stops and starts during the sleep which makes sleeping difficult and our sleep quality suffer as a result.  If you think that you might suffer from sleep apnea you should contact your doctor as more health problems can develop if it’s left untreated.

Actions that can help alleviate the condition range from using breathing devices that open up the airways to lifestyle changes such as losing weight (there is a close link between over-weight and sleep apnea) as well as changing sleep position.

Beat the hot flashes

discover the best menopause pajamas

Sleep deeper and longer by keeping the optimal sleep temperature. By combining the finest natural fibres with the latest textile technology you can enjoy a better sleep during menopause. Scientifically proven.

Dagsmejan offers the best menopause sleepwear by working on 4 levels. Read more about the benefits below and find out why Dagsmejan has been called the best pajamas for menopause.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "As a woman of a certain age who goes from shivering cold to pouring sweat in the span of about 6 minutes, I can say these menopause pajamas are a godsend!  I have never felt more comfortable or more "temperature even" in years.  If I'm sweating at night, I don't know it because I never wake up in a wet shirt. I'm also quite long waisted and the top fits beautifully - the small of my back is always covered. LOVE these and will definitely be purchasing more!"


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"I am currently going through my menopause and have been woken with night sweats most nights. Since wearing this product I no longer get woken by night sweats, it is cool and light to wear. Highly recommended."


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Love the feel of these menopause pyjamas - very soft and you feel like you are wearing nothing! Have helped enormously with cooling my body down at night when I have flushes due to the menopause.  My flushes aren't as bad at all wearing these. I can't recommend these enough.. Well worth the money."


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Meanwhile I belong to the age at which a woman sweats a lot at night (menopause).With the night dress I sleep wonderfully, the heat is dissipated (I don't know how but I'm not sweating anymore) - that's sensational for me. I don't want to wear anything else at night anymore :-)"


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "It is like a second skin. Since I am in the menopause (cold, hot) the T-shirt regulates the temperature shifts. And I can enjoy a good sleep. Too bad there's no T-shirt for everyday life."

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