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Find out why Little Things rates Dagsmejan as one of the best pyjamas for women and mothers alike:

"Getting a good night's rest is so hard when you are postpartum, especially when you are waking up to feed a baby, and your body is still in recovery mode. But a good set of pyjamas, designed with comfort and recovery in mind, can help! This super-cozy pair by Dagsmejan actually supports muscle recovery, which is never more needed than after giving birth."

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Whether you are looking for women's breathable pyjamas during pregnancy or after giving birth, Dagsmejan's maternity and nursing sleepwear regulates temperature throughout the night, providing the best temperature for sleep. With 6x more breathability than cotton, you will never be too hot or too cold.  


mum and baby


With supreme comfort and function in mind, our premium sleepwear has easy nursing access for breastfeeding. Our patented fabric technology gives our soft sleepwear a 4-way stretch, providing a more comfortable sleep.


Meet our other collections — the most comfortable pyjamas in the world

If you are looking for supreme sleep comfort then Dagsmejan is your answer. Find your match to keep you sleeping soundly all year around. 

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The Stay Warm Collection — merino thermal nightwear

Our merino pyjamas combine super fine merino wool and eucalyptus fibres making for a cozy and breathable pyjama. With this fabric blend you will never overheat, but will still keep you warm. The men's merino pyjamas and wool pyjamas for women come in both long and short styles. Additionally, our merino wool pyjamas for women include the option of a wool nightgown. 

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The Balance Collection – best pyjamas for night sweats

Our sweat wicking pyjamas have technology that keeps at just the right temperature-never too hot and never too cold. Made with our patented NATTWELL technology, our fabric contains MicroModal which gives our Balance collection the award for the best temperature regulating pyjamas to sleep well throughout the night. These fabric properties also make it the best menopause pyjamas.

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The Stay cool collection— the best cooling pyjamas for men and women

Never be hot at night again. Our Stay cool fabric dries in 1/3 of the time as cotton, making them a great choice if you are looking for moisture wicking pyjamas. Made with Microlyocell from eucalyptus, our Stay cool collection is 8x more breathable than cotton. 

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