Best Virtual Baby Shower Gift Idea

If you're looking for the perfect gift to get the pregnant mama in your life, look no further. Find out why Your Tango believes Dagsmejan to be one of the best baby shower gifts around. 

Dagsmejan merino cardigan

"Dagsmejan Merino Cardigan - Your cozy cocoon for immediate relaxation, made with the softest merino wool so you stay comfortably warm without overheating.

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Dagsmejan Relaxwear

Super fine merino wool loungewear is your ideal companion for a cozy day. Discover our wool loungewear for women and men. 

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Stay warm

Cold at night? Then this collection of super fine merino pajamas is your match. 4x more breathable than cotton they provide a super-soft, feather light warmth. Discover the most luxurious sleep comfort.

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Hot and cold at night? Keep the best temperature thanks to a combination of beechwood and patented sleep technology. 6x more breathable than cotton, this collection of temperature regulating pajamas is 4x better at regulating moisture. That makes it the best pajamas for night sweats.

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