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Find out why The Modest Man says Dagsmejan’s cooling pjs are light and breathable, to help you stay cool while sleeping: 

"The shirt seems true to size and is obviously super comfortable and lightweight. I’ve worn breathable fabrics before with athleisure clothing, but I was genuinely surprised by just how light this shirt is.

It lets a lot of air through the fibers, which is exactly what you want when trying to stay cool.

It’s a great shirt. It looks good, it’s extremely comfortable, and it keeps me cool. What more could I ask?”

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Dagsmejan is developed to meet your individual sleep needs by keeping you in the ideal sleeping temperature. Find your perfect match in bed with our sustainable sleepwear.

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the STAY COOL COLLECTION: THE best cooling pajamas

Enjoy the coolest, smoothest sleep comfort with the help of nature’s natural Eucalyptus fibres. No more overheating at night, with better moisture management than cotton. Our cooling sleepwear is the perfect pajama for the warmer months, drying in 1/3 the time of cotton. Discover our cooling nightgown, cooling pajamas for women, and don’t miss the cooling pajamas for men.

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Dagsmejan’s moisture wicking pajamas use beechwood fibres to provide the softest, most sustainable sleep comfort. With both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties helping to transport moisture away from your skin. Find out why Dagsmejan’s Balance collection has been called the best sweat wicking pajamas for men and women.

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Designed with both comfort and style in mind, these merino pajamas are 4x more breathable than cotton, topping the list for the best thermal pajamas. With both short and long styles, our merino wool sleepwear can be worn in the summer and in winter. 2x softer than cotton, never be too cold at night, sleeping comfortably warm without overheating. 

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