Luxury pajamas

Soft, breathable and supremely comfortable. Discover the luxurious sleep comfort of Dagsmejan.

Swedish design, Swiss sleep innovation, 100% made in Europe.

The gift of sleep

Nature's finest fibres are paired with the latest textile technology in sleepwear scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort and quality.

Delivered in a sleek black box, carefully wrapped with silk paper Dagsmejan is the ultimate luxury gift for yourself or a loved one.


The ultimate comfort

Invest in your sleep. Invest in yourself.

  • "What to buy for the women who is impossible to buy for? Cozy is less than your cable bill in this case, though, because high-quality Dagsmejan Nattwarm Sleep Tech pajamas exist and are waiting to keep her snuggle-ready till summer."

  • "You may not know how to pronounce the brand, but you’ll love wearing the Swedish-Swiss designer’s high-tech pjs that are 6 times more breathable and 4 times better at wicking sweat than cotton, keeping skin cooler and proven to help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer."

  • "This innovative European brand combines luxurious, natural fabrics with scientific sleep research to create (dare I say) the most magical sleepwear tailored to your specific body temperature, so you can sleep soundly and recover from your day. I tested a few styles and have never slept better."