The ideal summer pajamas

Lightweight, breathable, cooling

As the temperature rises keep sleeping cool with Dagsmejans summer sleepwear.

Cooling pajamas

The Stay Cool collection

Enjoy the smoothest, coolest sleep comfort with NATTCOOL™ fabric. The result? You wake up truly awake without ever overheating.

8x more breathable than cotton 
- Dries in 1/3 of the time of cotton
- Releases water vapour 60% better than cotton


Best pajamas men

The cooling power of eucalyptus

The Stay Cool collection pairs botanic fibres from eucalyptus with the latest textile technology to help you sleep cool in a totally natural way.

- Natural & sustainable fibres
- Made in Europe


  • ★★★★★

    "Feels like silk and it is comfortable! I have found my perfect sleepwear!"

    — M.S. —

  • ★★★★★

    "This has been a breakthrough when trying to deal with heat while sleeping! Thank you!"

    — Susan —

  • ★★★★★

    "Great summer pajamas that keep you cool and help you sleep peacefully."

    — Edward —

  • ★★★★★

    "Cool, very sweat absorbent without taking on the smell, doesn't twist or slip off your shoulders even when you move around in your sleep."

    — Pamela —

  • ★★★★★

    "Super comfortable and soft! stylish and comfortable, that's a winning combination!! Highly recommend!"

    — Ernest —

cooling pajams for guys

NATTCOOL™ — Ultra-light summer pajamas

NATTCOOL™ fabric is based on Microlyocell, a natural micro fibre from Eucalyptus. It has been specially engineered to cool you down through gradual moisture evaporation and to keep you dry through exceptional moisture transport. NATTCOOL™ has shown exceptional moisture management and breathability compared to other natural fibres such as cotton and bamboo as well as synthetic fabrics. That's what makes it the best summer pajamas!