Winter pajamas

The coziest winter pajamas

Stay comfortably warm all winter

Featherlight & breathable warm pajamas

With Dagsmejan Stay Warm pajamas you stay comfortably warm all night without ever overheating.

Merino magic

Winter sleepwear

Cold at night? Breathable, featherlight merino pajamas keep you comfortably warm whilst never overheating

50% lighter warmth than other fabrics 

4x more breathable than cotton 

2x softer than cotton


warm pajamas
merino wool

Stay warm pjs

Super-fine merino wool

Discover the warming power of merino wool blended with botanic fibres to give you the ideal lightweight, breathable and warm sleepwear.


The ultimate winter nightwear

the coziest night sleep you can imagine

From night to day the most comfortable winter pajamas you will ever wear. Discover why Dagsmejan's super soft Stay Warm sleepwear collection is loved by customers across the world.

winter pajamas for women and men