A ritual to extract that last bit of coziness

Find out why Z’nüni says Dagsmejan’s temperature regulating pajamas make for a good night’s sleep:

"Shawn Stevenson’s valuable book “Sleep Smarter” dedicates a whole chapter to keeping cool while sleeping. Not only does a lower regulated temperature help you fall asleep faster, but it also helps you wake up less during the night too. While it may sound trivial, my pajamas by Swiss pajama company Dagsmejan, help me do just that. These PJs have been instrumental in helping me to maintain the optimal body temperature and helping me sleep better.”

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dagsmejan's COLLECTIONS OF ethically made, COMFORTABLE PAJAMAS

Dagsmejan is developed to meet your individual sleep needs by keeping you in the ideal sleeping temperature. Find your perfect match in bed with our sustainable sleepwear.

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Made with a luxurious blend of merino wool and eucalyptus fibers, our merino sleepwear makes for extremely soft thermal pajamas. For the softest sleep comfort, our wool pajamas are 4x more breathable and 2x softer than cotton. Never be too cold at night, sleeping comfortably warm without overheating.

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Our Stay Cool collection has the perfect pajamas for the warmer months. Softer than silk and cooler than linen, our cooling sleepwear dries in 1/3 the time of cotton, certain to keep you dry all night. Enjoy the coolest, smoothest sleep comfort with the help of nature’s natural Eucalyptus fibres. Discover our cooling nightgown, cooling pajamas for women, and don’t miss the cooling pajamas for men.

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Do you have excessive sweating at night? Dagsmejan’s Balance collection has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, helping to transport moisture away from your skin. Made of beechwood fibres you can enjoy the softest, most sustainable sleep comfort. Find out why Dagsmejan’s Balance has been called the best pajamas for night sweats.

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