Top Christmas gift for mothers: Dagsmejan

Find out why Daily Mom recommends Dagsmejan's maternity pajamas as the ideal Christmas gift for mothers:

"No one ever says I slept so well when I over-heated. Nope, doesn’t happen. That’s why the Sleepshirt Women makes the most thoughtful gift category for women who want a flirtatious nightshirt that keeps them cool and yet perfectly warm. This breathable and thermo-regulation piece is 6x more breathable than cotton and 4x better at drawing away night sweats from the skin.

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It’s all about the NATTWELL™ fabric: 95% high-tech MicroModal from beechwood and 5% elastane/ spandex that makes this a tear-it-open and gives it to me kind of gift for the women in your life who have to deal with night sweats. Finally, they can wake up dry AND refreshed!"

Holiday 2020 Yo – Pf Boxes Write Ups

Discover why Dagsmejan is the most comfortable women's pajamas

Featherlight, super-soft and temperature regulating pajamas designed to help you sleep deeper and longer, night by night. Find your ideal match.

Maternity and nursing pajamas

This collection is your best companion in bed from the first day of pregnancy throughout nursing and beyond. 6x more breathable than cotton the bump friendly design has easy nursing access. 

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 Maternity sleepwear

Balance sleepwear women

This collection is not only super soft, it's also guaranteed to keep you at the ideal sleeping temperature. The best women's sleepwear for night sweats and for feeling great every night

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best pajamas for night sweats

Merino Wool pajamas women

Featherlight, breathable warmth —this is what makes Stay warm the ideal thermal pajamas womens. 4x more breathable than cotton this collection of merino wool pajamas provide the same warmth as other fabrics up to 50% heavier.

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Thermal pajamas women

Stay cool pajamas women

Too hot to sleep? 8x more breathable than cotton this is the best cooling pajamas for women. Eucalyptus fibres provide natural cooling whilst being smoother than silk.

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Cooling pajamas for ladies