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Improved Skin. Improved Sleep.

Give your sensitive skin what it needs with our NEW collection featuring NATTSENSITIVE™ technology. These pajamas for sensitive skin improve skin comfort leading to a better sleep. In dermatological testing it was rated as improving sleep quality 4x more than cotton sleepwear. Discover the best sleepwear for atopic dermatitis offering your skin the soothing comfort for you to sleep and feel your best. NATTSENSITIVE™ contains zinc oxide pharma 4. With direct skin contact the natural moisture of the skin causes zinc ions to be released, which creates a regenerative effect on the skin. The combination of zinc with botanic fibers from eucalyptus an exceptionally thermo-regulating fabric is created, 10x more breathable than cotton. Designed with your comfort in mind, this sleepwear for sensitive skin minimizes friction with tagless construction. The ergonomically placed seams, turned inside out, ensure the least amount of contact with your sensitive skin. Improve your skin comfort and sleep quality simultaneously with the best pajamas for eczema. Whether dealing with atopic dermatitis or general skin sensitivity, eczema pjs from Dagsmejan prioritize your skin comfort - the key to a restful night.

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