Cozy warmth without overheating

The best thermal pajamas

Want to stay comfortably warm without ever overheating? Then these thermal pjs are your ideal match. By pairing the finest merino wool with eucalyptus fibres you can enjoy lightweight, breathable warmth.

warming pajamas for winter

Light, breathable warmth

4x more breathable than cotton this lightweight thermal sleepwear will keep you as warm as other pjs up to 50% heavier. It's also twice as soft as cotton, discover the ultimate comfort!


the most comfortable pajamas for men

Designed for comfort

Dagsmejan's merino pjs are crafted for your best sleep comfort. Every detailed designed to give the best sleep experience. Cuffs and over-thumb sleeves will keep you cozy warm. A tagless design with flat ergonomic seams and a comfort waistband means no friction, only sweet dreams ahead.


The science behind a great night's sleep

NATTWARM™ Technology

Based on the two super fibres an ultra-light and breathable fabric has been created. NATTWARM™ fabric is twice as soft as cotton and 4x more breathable. Despite the light softness of the fabric it will keep you as warm as other fabrics up to 50% heavier making it the best thermal pajamas to avoid being cold at night. The fabric has been tested both in flat testing and torso testing by independent testing institutes.

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Nature's performance fibres

NATTWARM™ fabric combine ultra-light warmth with exceptional breathability and moisture management. Tested against fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, and synthetics, NATTWARM™ is more warming than textiles up to 50% heavier. The super fine fibres transport excess heat away from the body and by combining two fibres with exceptional moisture management you never feel wet. That's what makes it the ultimate thermal pajamas. 


the best sleep temperature

Keep the best temperature for sleep

If we become cold during the night our muscles start to contract to build up heat, this is what we know as shivering. The side effect is however a disturbed sleep. We want to make sure that we keep warm enough without ever overheating. By staying in the ideal climatic comfort zone and avoid being cold at night we can sleep deeper for longer


The best thermal pajamas

Cozy warm without overheating

With a luxurious blend of super-fine merino wool and eucalyptus fibres you stay cozy warm all night without ever overheating. Both these super fibres from nature are temperature regulating and excellent at moisture management. Together the make for the best thermal pajamas imaginable!