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Find out why Dagsmejan was highlighted as the best pajamas for menopause:

"Menopause - Stop! Here is Northern Life’s favourite go to products to help ease the symptoms of the Menopause —Dagsmejan Stay Cool Collection." 

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Dagsmejan—the best nightwear for menopause

Discover what makes Dagsmejan the best pajamas for night sweats and hotflashes. Find your ideal match amongst our collections and start to sleep better in a totally natural and sustainable way with the most comfortable women's pajamas.

The stay cool collection

Hot at night? Beat the heat with cooling pajamas for women, 8x more breathable than cotton it dries in 1/3 of the time.

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The balance collection

Hot and cold at night? Then this collection is ideal for you, 6x more breathable than cotton the moisture management is 4x better. And it's the softest women's pajamas you can imagine!

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The stay warm collection

Looking for featherlight breathable warmth? Then merino wool pajamas is your perfect match, 4x breathable than cotton it's super soft and super cozy. 

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