The Best Hostess Gifts Of 2021

Find out why Suggest rates Dagsmejan merino wool pajamas as a "gift sure to dazzle your hostess":

"Meet the only loungewear you’ll ever want to wear ever again. Dagsmejan specializes in warm sleepwear that is 50% lighter than other thermal options, is 4x more breathable than cotton, and is 2x softer than cotton. The result is ultra cozy pajamas that help regulate body temperature for a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. This gift set is made from the finest merino wool and is complete with pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a matching sleep mask. Also, it is available in a variety of colors to fit your hostess’ tastes."

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Merino wool pajamas for men and women-The ultimate gift set 

Our womens and mens thermal pajamas are sure to be a hit this holiday season. Designed with both comfort and style in mind, these wool pajamas provide the best temperature for sleep. With this merino sleepwear, you will feel warm without overheating. Being 4x more breathable than cotton, these top the list for the best thermal nightwear. Offering both short and long styles, these pajamas can be worn in the summer an winter. For women, this collection offers a stylish wool nightgown. For a gift that is immediately ready to sit under the tree, shop our womens and thermal sleepwear sets. 


A gift for everyone — most comfortable pajamas in the world

If you are looking to mix and match our collections for the perfect gift, our Stay cool, Balance, and Recovery collections are great additions to your night routine. 

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The Recovery Collection — the most comfortable pajamas for regenerating muscles

Rest and recovery go hand in hand. That is why we developed our Recovery collection, to enhance muscle regeneration while you sleep. Athlete proven, these pajamas provide the best temperature for sleep while being the best pajamas for men and women looking to improve muscle recovery. 

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The Balance Collection – best pajamas for night sweats

Our Balance collection uses beechwood fibers to provide the best sweat wicking pajamas. Our patented NATTWELL fabric technology helps to keep you asleep and sweat free. This moisture wicking pajamas will keep you comfortable all night. This collection also provides the best menopause pajamas.

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The Stay cool collection— the best cooling pajamas for men and women

No more overheating at night with our Stay cool collection. Our cooling pajamas for women and men have better moisutre management than cotton and provide comfort and style. Made with our NATTCOOL technology, this cooling sleepwear is perfect to wear all year round. 

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