Dagsmejan x Pink Ribbon: Donating 5,000 CHF

Sleep and women’s health are closely linked. That is why Dagsmejan is proud to partner with Pink Ribbon and its organizations in Switzerland, Germany, and the UK, and has started the new year with an initial donation of over CHF 5,000 – an amount that the brand collected during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2022 from the sale of a limited edition Pink Ribbon sleepshirt.

“We are proud to support the Pink Ribbon initiative in raising awareness of breast cancer prevention and treatment. With our products having such a significant impact on health, and women’s health in particular, the partnership came quite naturally to us,” says Catarina Dahlin, co-founder of Dagsmejan.

Dagsmejan Balance pajama


Compared to men, women are more likely to experience sleep problems throughout their lives due to the hormonal changes they experience during puberty, the menstrual cycle, pregnancies, and before and during the menopause.

33% of women don’t sleep as well as they could and should. Trouble falling asleep, not sleeping through the night or well enough, and getting too little sleep have a significant impact on the overall health of women, their immune system, and their aging process, mood, and performance.

A good night’s rest is one of the most important instruments for our personal well-being. Sleep problems have even been linked to the development of certain types of cancer, while cancer itself, and the side effects of treatment, may lead to additional sleep issues.

“I suffer from hot flashes (side effects of cancer therapy). This nightgown is very comfortable to wear and regulates my flashes, so no more waking up wet!” (Customer review by Gallus I.)


Whether women are experiencing sleep issues due to hormonal changes or while facing health issues like cancer, the most common problem they all face is a lack of balance when it comes to their body temperature. That’s where temperature regulating pajamas such as Dagsmejan functional sleepwear can make a real difference.

“The women’s Nattwell Sleepshirt won me over with its simple and well-fitting cut and the unique level of comfort. The Dagsmejan Sleepshirt delivers what it promises: a comfortable temperature all night long!” (Customer review by Doris H.)

Dagsmejan pajamas optimally adapt to the body’s physiological needs during sleep and have been scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort and quality. The innovative fabrics help your body to stay in its ideal thermal comfort zone by keeping you warm when you’re cold and cooling you down when you feel too hot and start sweating.

In order to avoid a damp feeling on your skin after sweating, the breathable fibers release excess heat and absorb moisture, which they can then use for further cooling effects through gradual moisture evaporation.


Despite their high functionality, Dagsmejan pajamas remain a natural, sustainable, and safe choice. They are made from the finest natural fibers like merino wool, eucalyptus, and beech wood, which are combined with state-of-the-art textile technology to create the most comfortable pajamas in the world. Sustainably sourced and produced in Europe, Dagsmejan sleepwear is not only instrumental in ensuring a good night’s sleep, but also provides peace of mind.

“If our sleepwear can contribute just a little to improving the quality of life for women, especially those who are going through cancer treatment, we are more than happy and proud,” concludes co-founder Catarina Dahlin, who is looking forward to continuing her company’s support for the Pink Ribbon initiative in the years to come.


Dagsmejan Balance pajamas