Sleep is vital. Why? Because it affects not only our physical, but also our mental health. Good sleep – or a lack thereof – will impact all facets of our life, from our physical and mental performance to our emotions and relationships.

And, we spend a lot of time sleeping: in 2023, each and every one of us will spend more than 2,500 hours in bed. That adds up to over 100 days over the whole year! Time to make it count. And we will show you how. 


“Sleep is vital. By understanding the factors that affect our sleep and by changing a few habits, we can have a big impact on our sleep quality and well-being.”
Professor Torbjörn Åkersted, Director of the Stress Research Institute, Stockholm University

In order to understand our bodies’ physiological needs while sleeping, we will first look at the things that happen before and during sleep:

  • It all starts with our inner clock realizing that bedtime is approaching. It tells our body to cool down by 1–2°F (0.5–1°C). This process is mainly controlled by the level of light and is also called the circadian rhythm or biorhythm.
  • This temperature drop is the signal to start releasing the sleep hormone melatonin, which will make us feel tired. Then we go to bed.
  • As soon as we are asleep, our body needs to keep its temperature low to allow the restorative deep sleep phases to happen, until the morning arrives and it’s time to wake up again.

The common denominator in each step of this process is temperature. Our body cooling itself down and warming itself up again is called thermoregulation and it’s one of the key prerequisites for a good night’s sleep. That’s why temperature regulating pajamas can make such a huge difference.


While we cannot stop or control certain things like the aging process or the female cycle, which can both impact our sleep, most of the key factors for a good night’s rest are lifestyle-related and environmental. By modifying these, we can help our body to get the sleep we need and deserve. Here are five small changes for a good night’s rest:

  • Keep it cool
    Make sure that the temperature in your bedroom does not exceed 64.5°F (18°C). When we breathe in cold air, it will be easier for our body to decrease its core temperature, which will help us to fall and stay asleep. A cooler room will also reduce the risk of sweating at night.
  • Eat the right food in the evening
    Did you know that tomatoes, olives, rice, walnuts, and milk are rich in melatonin? Choose these kinds of foods and avoid anything too spicy or stimulating like caffeine or alcohol.

“A definite no-go and sleep disruptor is alcohol. The moment we drink alcohol, there is absolutely no restorative sleep. You can even see that your resting heart rate is elevated by up to 10 beats the whole night just because of the alcohol in your system.”
Dr. Lutz Graumann MD, PhD, specialist in sports medicine, nutrition, and chirotherapy

  • Avoid screens
    Studies have shown that the blue light from our phone and tablet screens can compromise our sleep, especially when we stare at them at night. Read a book, do some yoga, or meditate instead. If need be, use the “night mode” on your device or buy glasses that block blue light to minimize your exposure.
  • Don’t force it
    If you can’t sleep, do something else until you feel tired enough the sleep. Every time you pick up your phone to check how many hours of sleep you have left, you will not only cause stress, but also stimulate your brain, which will then become even more active.

“90% of people in the US admit to using a technological device during the hour before turning in, and children often use electronic media to help them relax at night. If you’re among these nighttime technology users, you may not realize the extent to which this can make it harder to settle down to sleep. Using electronic devices before bedtime can be physiologically and psychologically stimulating in ways that can adversely affect your sleep.” – sleepfoundation.org

  • Dress for the occasion
    Make sure you pick the right sleepwear and bedding. When looking for the best materials, choose natural fibers and check if they are breathable, moisture-wicking, soft, and light. Heavy synthetics can trap in the heat and make us sweat, which will tamper with our body’s temperature and reduce our sleep quality.


best pajamas for men


Have you ever asked yourself why we spend money on functional sportswear, but tend to neglect our bodies’ specific needs while sleeping? This same question led Dagsmejan’s founders to look into the topic and see which fibers have the potential to support our regeneration process at night, and which might even hinder it.

“As a sleep coach, I always recommend Dagsmejan sleepwear to all my clients. For a restful sleep, it is important to maintain the optimal sleeping temperature all night long. With Dagsmejan’s sleepwear, the body can regulate its temperature perfectly during the night. I and my clients are able to sleep better and therefore start the day more rested and efficient.” – Katharina Geiger, Certified Sleep Coach

Andreas Lenzhofer, co-founder of Dagsmejan, adds: “Taking into account that not all bodies are the same, we went on to invent a variety of temperature-regulating fabrics to meet the individual needs of everyone. Our aim: the most comfortable pajamas in the world.” The basic functionality is the same for all of the fabrics:

  • They are breathable to make sure that any excess heat can be released if necessary.
  • The moisture wicking pajamas dry quickly to avoid a damp feeling during the night.
  • They are temperature-regulating to support our bodies with thermoregulation by warming us up or cooling us down as required.
  • They are soft and lightweight to avoid any discomfort on the skin.
  • They are sustainable as they are manufactured in Europe from the finest natural fibers, which are a 100% traceable.
  • They have been specifically designed to meet our physiological needs while sleeping and come with ergonomically placed flat seams and no tags.

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For more personalized comfort, Dagsmejan offers four different collections all based on the above functionalities, but with a focus on individual needs:

  • STAY WARM for those who are often cold at night
  • STAY COOL for people who tend to overheat while sleeping
  • BALANCE for those who experience temperature fluctuations
  • RECOVERY for professional and amateur athletes who want to speed up their muscle recovery




The Stay Warm collection offers nightdresses, sleep socks, and more with a focus on keeping you warm all night long. The secret ingredient to achieving this goal is merino wool. Combined with eucalyptus fibers, this luxurious natural material will make sure that you don’t freeze, while at the same time avoiding any overheating and sweating.


The Stay Cool collection offers sleepshirts, boxers, and more with a focus on cool, comfortable sleep all night long. The most important ingredient here is eucalyptus fibers, which make the material cool yet incredibly soft on the skin. If you do sweat, the fibers will absorb the moisture and use it to cool you down further via evaporative cooling, making them the best pajamas for night sweats.


For all who suffer from hot and cold flashes at night, the Balance collection offers tank tops, leggings, and more with a focus on temperature regulation. The soft material mix can do both: warm your body when you start to feel cold and cool it down when your temperature rises. The secret is a special textile blend based on beechwood fibers, which are 6x more breathable, 4x better at regulating temperature, and 2x softer than cotton.


Professional athletes all know the importance of a good night’s rest, especially when training for a competition or in the middle of a tournament.

“I really LOVE the Dagsmejan pajamas. They help me to ensure my temperature is controlled for optimal sleep conditions, allowing my body to recover for the sessions ahead. Wearing them when it matters, so comfortable and super lightweight!” — Ellie Salthouse, Champion Triathlete from Australia

Now, with Dagsmejan’s Recovery collection, amateur athletes can support their bodies’ nightly regeneration process, too. The pajamas’ revolutionary fabric has been refined with energizing minerals that absorb your body’s excess heat and convert it into natural far-infrared energy, which in turn will support your muscles’ regeneration process at night.